The $6 Date on WhatsYourPrice

This number “6” is sexually charged and is used by men and women alike. It means sex and typically indicates that one’s interest is specific to sexual relations. Women use it to induce communication for the purposes of prostitution. That’s how I was introduced to it.

By the way, I never met her. She was at a distance and deleted her profile. I would imagine, as is quite common in the USA, she engaged in a little prostitution to support herself during hard times between jobs. She was really beautiful and had been employed by Playboy and Hooters. She was not my type however I would have been glad to meet her. I’ll bet she has paired off and left the dating & baiting market. Or she may have become one of those casualties in the drug war our master’s have forced upon US. I pray not.

Six Dollars also means that one does not want to offer the lowest bid possible on the WYP system. The lowest bid is $5. BTW, either bid costs the man the same to unlock the communications and begin really engaging to explore what is possible.

So, a $6 dollar bid for a date on WhatsYourPrice is respectful and communicating attraction and interests in the Biblical meaning of getting to “know” each other. Communications on WhatsYourPrice are difficult. There is no way to ask questions or seek clarification until after a date amount has been agreed upon. This is not the ideal way to go about contracting and I find the women on WhatsYourPrice to be generally disingenuous.

Most women on WhatsYourPrice should be using the plain Jane categories of “Dating” and “Friendship.” Many women on WYP makes promises meant to deceive. While they market themselves and their “first dates” as sexual, they change their minds rather well and never intend to have an NSA or Discrete Affair. Many never intend to meet at all. And many don’t even intend to have second dates! Many use WYP as a part time income.

On average 25% or more of my accepted dates never happen and instead I am asked to send money without even meeting! Sometimes the offer is money in exchange for naked pictures or even videos or even videos of the woman engaged in sex! Sometimes it is because they need to pay their phone bill and can’t meet me until their service in on. Sometimes it is even to pay their rent or medical bills for their children!

On average 25% or more of my dates never happen because the woman wants more money than agreed upon. The hustlers and scammers are far worse than the prostitutes because they are heart breaking. At least with a Call Girl you know you are not getting a girlfriend or any type of a friend. At least the prostitutes are for the most part honest but they also occasionally ask for money sent in advance using a cash app.

In short, be prepared to say “no” and walk away and be prepared to lose. In the past WhatsYourPrice offered no backing for the men. Absolutely none! Today, one can report them and WYP will consider a refund of one’s credits.

It’s an interesting model. One with a lot of bugs still to be worked out. There are some advantages but I can count on one hand the number of good dates after spending close to $1,000 in fees.

If you get a $6 offer expect it not to hold unless the “attractive party” doesn’t want any money at all–which does happen. The $6 date and the $5 date cost the same in unlocking fees as all dates up to $49. Each costs “10 credits.” Credits cost anywhere between a half of a dollar (.50) and a quarter (.25) which means the cost of unlocking those dates ranging from $5 to $49 inclusive is between $2.50 and $5.00 each date. However, that does not take into account the overall date failure rate of at least 95%!

When one takes into account the overall failure to meet rate of 95% that means dates in the $5 to $49 range are costing approximately 20X’s [twenty times] that. So, effectively one is spending $50 to $100 per date–WhatsYourPrice is making out like bandits!

The girls aren’t even getting that money. The women look terrible, and the men are getting shafted. I can not recommend WhatsYourPrice. I am still on there and hoping to pair off into a good long term relationship but that applicant pool is not very promising.

To give you an idea one woman called me from Canada. She told me that she expected to go on a week “vacation” and return with $5,000-$10,000. That was what she was earning off WYP. She was saving up as much money as she could because she figured that once she turned 30 she would not be able to market herself and command as much for her ass.

What was her advice to me? Be very careful about getting a wife from anyone on WhatsYourPrice. She felt they were all cons. She was very direct and honest in her expectations and the transactions she sought–the majority of females on WhatsYourPrice were and are not so honest. Nor were they personable. Most are ready to assume the role–long enough to get the man to believe she really cares about him and long enough for him invest in her emotionally and part with his money thinking (wrongly) he has the (real) girlfriend he has hoped for.

Overall,the $6 Date is not workable. The girls want Sugar Daddies and there are not enough men for that. The FWB has been obscured by outright prostitution! NSA has also gone by the wayside because of these new “politically correct” terms utilized by WhatsYourPrice.

These “sanitized” terms may allow WhatsYourprice to escape the human trafficking police state enforcers (who are doing nothing except protecting the real human traffickers!), but they allow the women to deceive and con. These new words have made things much worse for all parties concerned. A young woman truly looking for a long term relationship and marriage has no way to stand out from the players & prostitutes. All are lumped together and believe me, every woman on WhatsYourPrice will have sex for a fee, especially the $500 date.

The average female offers herself for $200 which is the exact going rate or has been the going rate for a prostitute for a decade. Overall, I have to admit that engaging on such a site is somewhat self deprecating. It really undermines one sense of self worth and there is a lot of abuse, both by the system and the individuals.

Now, you are going to think this is far fetched but all of this undermines the stability of the fabric of our society. Relationships are undermined. Marriages are impossible. The outcome is far worse than you think. Much worse. Relationships between men & women continue to decline.

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