Chile has been Destroyed!

George Soros and the Chinese Communist Government with the help of our CIA have DESTROYED CHILE!

Chile will forever be a Third World Nation after rioters broke at least 98% of the windows out of all private businesses in Santiago!

Here is the direct report from a witness on the ground in Santiago:

“Personally I believe the police have not been harsh enough. This city has been totally destroyed. These protesters are paid (by Soros and the Chinese Commies) rabble rousers from outside the country. I think the police need to use live ammunition.

“These assholes will not stop. They have now destroyed the entire economy and future of Chile. Chile will soon be a third world hell hole. Santiago is a war zone. 98% of ALL store and bank windows have been smashed. Graffiti is everywhere. Garbage is knee deep in the streets. There are riots EVERYDAY starting between 1 and 4 in the afternoon and lasting for most of the night.”

1 thought on “Chile has been Destroyed!

  1. nando

    Hi Dr Kent. Just discovered your blog. I live and Chile (Santiago), and I’m afraid it will get worse before it gets better. We have been betrayed by our government and sold to the chinese and the jews through the UN. The country is theirs for the taking. All seems lost right now, and the future looks dark. Commies are in command, the south is burning, the north is collapsing under narcos and illegals, the capital is lost to migrants and barely any chileans still have a job (we got replaced). Sounds better than it actually is, really. But even with all these crazy things going on I pray and believe in the Lord, to bring peace and swift justice to my beloved country, to the USA, and to all countries. God bless.


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