Truth about this Corona Pandemic and COVID-19 is it doesn’t exist!

It’s a hoax!

This is the attempt at take down for the entire world by the Edomites, the international banksters, the false Jews and all of their secret societies and all of the dominions of evil!

The lungs and deaths look like severe altitude sickness and are what would be expected should a person be suddenly abruptly dropped at the top of Mount Everest or lose all ability to oxygenate!

What else interferes with breathing and the transfer of oxygen into the body? That’s right. My money is on 5G.

If people don’t wake up and start burning the 5G towers, big and small, it’s over. Their weaponization of the earth’s surface and low earth orbit will be complete.

The Earth groans for her saviors!

8 thoughts on “COVID-19

  1. Kate McCarthy

    Hi John, FYI – I have a friend who was sick in December 2019; mentioned this to her MD who opted to test her for Covid antibodies – she was positive!! This means she had Covid BEFORE the big scare in March! I was sick in January also, I’ve been trying to get myself tested for the antibodies as well but have been running into road blocks. It seems they are more willing to test for active cases then to test for immunity from past cases. Also, I work at a nursing home one day a week, we have no active cases in my facility, yet I am made to feel like I have leprosy by my family and friends because of the remote possibility I may have come in contact with the virus. When is this madness going to end? Also, talk more about 5G – what is it?

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Kate,

      As far as I know the “test” does not isolate any Corona Virus. However, if I am wrong about CV-19 not existing I will accept correction.

      Since States have suspended their long standing autopsy laws, rules & regulations we can not know the cause(s) of death. Thus, we have the “perfect cover up!”

      I consider these murders.

      All info and scientific discussion on 5G is being censored. It differs from the earlier technologies in that those were and are at fixed frequencies. In comparison 5G scans a broad band of frequencies. And when 5G is tuned to 60 MHz is can kill. It does this by separating the hemoglobin from the red blood cell. Another perspective is it alters the calcium channel and forces toxins into the cells.

      My guess is there is a binary system put into place to kill people. The six foot “social distancing” is the “kill zone” necessary to minimize collateral damage–harming an unintended target. And 5G would be the activator for a lethal load of aluminum, mercury or whatever they are putting into vaccines.

      Drs. Judy Mikovits, Rashid Buttar, Shiva, Andy Kaufman and others including many leading experts are coming to the conclusion that this was a genius plan utilizing dirty vaccines over a period of four decades. So many physicians and nurses have made videos (almost all censored) reporting the “murders” they are witnessing.

      Professor Delores Cahill just gave a video interview to David posted on YT by Kerry Baldwin that is authoritative. I highly reccommed Dr. Cahill and the others listed above as well as the ER Docs in CA whose videos keep getting taken down.

    2. admin Post author

      Wow! Makes sense that they do not want to “do the right thing’ and test for anti-bodies because they want to force us to get “vaccinated” but that is No Vaccine. Rather it’s their uploading of their Beast System to usurp your body and your soul!

      Expect more alienation not less. These are strange times.

      5G will result in many many more of us getting sick which is why they ‘cleared the hospitals’ in preparation for the ‘second wave’ which is when they throw the switch on a massively rolled out 5G satellite system.

      Watch Greg Hunter’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and you will learn a lot!

  2. Kate McCarthy

    Does one need a device for the G5 forces to hone in on (like a cell phone)? Are they transmitted by cell phone towers? Sorry for my ignorance, I’m trying to grapple with this.

  3. admin Post author

    I do not know but I believe that having a phone helps them but they don’t need it. Yes, they can do a lot from the towers–all of them!

    Having a 5G device certainly will be easily locked on all of the time.

    A 4G device still gets locked on and as one goes down the spectrum, 3G, 2G, one is a bit more isolated.

    A flip phone is more private if you can find one.

    Being able to remove the battery helps. Wrapping it in aluminum foil and placing it even inside a metal ammo can helps. There are procedures to assure going dark.

    They can use the towers on you WITHOUT you having any device on you! They can do anything with this system. I have heard even read DNA.

    1. kate

      Thanks, I don’t have a cell; I have a flip phone that I charge up only if travelling far. Another topic; what’s your take on the stimulus check? Do I enter into some sort of quasi contract if I cash it? Kate

  4. Dennis Gannon

    Germ religion is dying. Pasteur was a liar and fraud and even The Lancet reports that now. Ergo, the whole corona virus thing was a hoax. The NEW CDC guidelines inflated the death counts from the flu. Drownings were covid deaths, murders were covid deaths, car accidents were called covid deaths by doctors. All they had to do, was claim the victims may have had some flu symptoms when they died. The doctors then got huge cash awards from the government for their lies, even more cash if they used a ventilator on the dying victims. The good news, pagan public schools were closed and many started home schooling. Consider how dumb pagan public schools are, they claim to be against racism, but teach the foundations of racism, the lie of evolution. Then they ban the antidote to racism, creationism. They teach socialism and communism when we live in a Constitutional Republic. If the schools don’t reopen quick, they won’t be able to brainwash the kids and homeschooling will be the norm.

    1. admin Post author

      I agree. The government needs to get out and stay out of “education.” There is no right to an “education.”

      Parents need to be the ones paying because their children are *their responsibility. Besides, when parents can fire their children’s teachers, the teacher will be forced to teach the children what their parents want and nothing else!


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