1913 The Death of America

With the advent of three institutions the fate of the American Republic was sealed. The foremost of these was the “Federal Reserve System” which handed over all of the labor of the last century to the Rothschild’s and their cronies.

It was and remains a system of fraud and theft. There is NO MONEY! It was all stolen by the International Bankers!

The other was the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, whose sole purpose is to DEFAME others! B’nai B’rith was started before the Civil War under the auspices of representing the “Children of the Covenant” which is a serious fraud and misrepresentation since in actuality their purpose if to hunt down and destroy the real children of the covenants, the real descendants of the Israelites, the real chosen people.

Bear in mind that the methodology of the ADL is to slander, libel and “defame” others whom they identify as “anti-Semitic.” The fact is majority of Jews today are NOT descendants of Shem. They are not “Shemites.” The Yiddish language is not a Semitic language!

The third organization that was founded in 1913 was the Bureau of Internal Revenue which became the IRS. The fact is that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified! It was merely announced by the acting Secretary of the Treasury as having been passed when it had never been voted upon!

At the same time the Income Tax was reimposed tariffs & duties on imports were lowered from 40% to 25%. Prior to this the Federal government was funded by those tariffs & duties. Now, we were forced to support this Central Communist Government and we were forced to compete with foreign labor.

The creation of the IRS is extremely difficult to understand as it was done over a long time and in complete subterfuge. I am completely inadequate to convey that story in a few paragraphs. One may find it in Melvin Stamper’s “FRUIT FROM A POISONOUS TREE” published in 2008. I highly recommend this book.

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