The Genocide of the Caucasians!

The Caucasian people peaked in approximately 1930 at approximately 30% of the world’s population. The remainder divided between Asian and Negro peoples.

In approximately 2010 Caucasians were down to only 7 and 1/2 per cent and falling rapidly. In order to hide this genocide the US Census rolled in Hispanics with Caucasians to keep the public from becoming aware of the trend. Gerald Celente should take note!

At this time we are less than 6% of the world’s population. Now, tell me if this is not a concerted effort, a well-organized effort to rid the world of the White race?

Who does it benefit?

Why it benefits the “supremacists.” Now, how can it benefit the “White Supremacists?” It can’t. It doesn’t.

Who is it? Which “race” claims they are to “rule the world” and the rest of us are to serve them?

The Jewish Supremacists!

Now, why would those nice Jewish people want to kill off the White people?

Might it be because they merely say they are Jews and are not? Let’s see. Where did I see this before?

That’s right! In the Bible! Everything is in the Bible! It’s “the Jews those who ‘say’ they are Jews and are not!” In Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 John the Apostle is writing at Patmos the words spoken by Jesus. Look it up. Read it!

Now, it’s not ALL Jews. If there are fake or false Jews, there must be real ones, true ones.

If we read the Bible carefully we find out our enemy is descended from Cain and from Esau who became known as Edom. The Book of Obadiah tells us they are Edomites.

These are Fake Jews! They are not Israelites! They are not descendants of Israel the man. Rather they are descendants of Cain who was fathered by the serpent!

Who are the Israelites? Why they are the people from the House of Israel who bolted across the Caucas Mountains and broke into Europe and the rest of the world. They never went back home to Israel the land, the promised land.

The Israelites today are scattered across the world. There are many great Israelite nations and the US is or WAS only one of them.

Today, all Israelite peoples are under siege. We are being attacked by the flood of peoples being foisted upon us by the Jewish race!

The other people are not our enemies but they are being used against us. Moreover, they are not able to defeat the Edomite Jews, and we Israelite Caucasians are able to defeat the Evil One and his children the Edomites!

That is why the false Jews are in America and that is how the false Jews are using America. Don’t believe me. Don’t take my word for it! Read your Bibles! Educate yourselves! Free yourselves and SAVE yourselves from the Enemy of the World!

PS If you are Jewish, then you are obligated to ferret out the evil ones from among you and do justice. I suggest you start with the obvious ones.

And if you do not do this or will not do this, then people are going to burn you all and they aren’t going to give a rat’s ass about the real descendants from the House of Judah.

My suggestion is you come clean and weed out the evil ones for prosecution and justice. At this point in time I think we have reason to demand you show cause as to why we should not burn you out along with the Evil Ones!

You have allowed them to hide among you and behind you. They have sacrificed Jews before. What makes you think they won’t do it again?

You are protecting them and the world is waking up fast to the Evil you condone!

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