Israel has taken over the USA!

I am half way through Michael Collins Piper’s massive book on the Kennedy Assassination called “Final Judgement.” Without a doubt I can say that ISRAEL ASSASSINATED PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY!

Moreover, ISRAEL DID 9/11 and Israel is occupying the USA through its many agents, both Jewish and non-Jewish. We’ve been had! We’ve been conquered from within.

And just like in the Bible when the Israelites were taken in captivity and deported, we Americans have been taken into captivity! It is a different type captivity. We are held in place and we have been put into another jurisdiction!

We no longer live under a constitution but instead live under Commercial Law, under Admiralty Law under the most miserable “equity” ever invented!

All of our institutions are compromised! There is no rule of law. All of the foundations of Western Civilization have been destroyed.

We were not destroyed by the Jews although if Jews were removed, we might have a chance to restore our nation. The fact is a subset of Jews, who are mostly sociopathic have done this. And the Bible calls them EDOMITES!

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