Do you want to know who “Israel” is today?

Look in the mirror. The odds are if you are reading this you are either of Israelite descent or part Israelite.

Want to know which nation or nations are “Israel” these days? Look towards the Great Nation mentioned towards the end of Genesis. Would that not be America today?

How about Europe? Scandanavia? New Zealand? South Africa? Canada? Australia? Or Great Britain? All are Great Israelite nations! ALL! Everyone of them!

Why do you think the Enemy attacked Germany?

So, that the Enemy could usurp the throne given to Judah! Germany means “genuine” and 1/3 of the German language comes from Hebrew!

Henry Ford said, “History is bunk!” Because it is all built on lies.

For 3,000 years according the author Eustace Mullins the enemy has been censoring all written records hiding their tracks but I tell you that for more than 6,400 years the Devil & his children have been altering the records, lying and deceiving. Satan and his real DNA offspring and their spiritual followers are responsible for all the death and war since Cain murdered Abel!

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