American Might Misused to ENSLAVE THE WORLD

No, it would not be right for the USA to bomb China but if the Chinese are not willing stop their BIOLOGICAL TERRORISM then we should at least take out their big dam. Sadly, the fact is that we, the USA, are responsible for putting that Chinese Jew Mao in power and turning the Chinese mainland over to the communists!

By harboring the Rockefellers and other crypto-Jews who are really FALSE JEWS (Rev 2:9, 3:9) we allowed the Rothschilds to take over America and misuse our power around the World! We allowed these (false) Jews to wage war around the planet! And they led the Bolshevik Revolution from Manhattan! From our shores!

What price we have paid! What price all of mankind has paid! It’s time we Americans took back our country and restored the Republic that Jefferson gave us. (And, yes, Abraham Lincoln was our first Jewish President! And he was DISHONEST and lied about the Civil War!)

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