My Original 13th Amendment Strategic Intervention

I am praying President Trump applies my strategic intervention in restoring our Republic. Our Jeffersonian Republic!

Quite simply by restoring the Original 13th Amendment and then stripping all BAR Esquires and Israeli Dual Citizens of any & all citizenship in these United States, we restore much of our Rule by the People under our Constitution. We DEPORT all of them! And ban them forever from re-entry into our borders!

AlI Israeli Dual Citizens go directly to Israel, fake Israel, that tiny postage stamp of a nation in the Mideast. The BAR association attorneys can suffer the fate recommended by their Queen’s Attorney Sir Francis Bacon aka William Shakespeare–that is death or deportation as each merits according to their crimes and sentencing.

Thus, we restore the Separation of Powers by banning all lawyers, as officers of the court, the Judiciary, from holding elected office to either of the other two branches of our government–not to the Legislature (the Congress, the Senate) nor to the Executive (President or Vice President).

Then our new Supreme Court rules that the 14th & 15th Amendments are ruled null & void because the South was not properly represented and did not vote or consent to the 14th & 15th Amendments! Furthermore, the subsequent Amendments are made null & void because they are out of order! (Eustace Mullins)

This eliminates the Income Tax and the IRS and the direct election of Senators. It restores State’s Rights and returns representation to the States’ Legislatures. And there is so much more this simple strategic intervention accomplishes. Many are going to have to join in and help restore self-rule and restore our States’ militias and our independent militias!

We can have Constitutional currency, real money, honest money, coined silver & gold. There is so much more I want to write but here is where we start!

Sir Francis Bacon was sired (fathered) by a Kent as was his brother whom he prosecuted for high treason against their mother the Queen! He got his brother executed!

The Kent’s played major roles in England and in the founding of the American Colonies. I look forward to sharing that with you as I discover more myself!


In His Service: Yahshua, the Messiah!

–Dr. Kent


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