STAY HOME! Do not go to any capital be it federal in Washington DC which isn’t even a part of America! Or to your own state capital!

The Deep State Communists are going to launch at least one if not several FALSE FLAGS using guns in attempt to “justify their gun confiscation” and we must not allow them to sucker us again!

No normal people will go to DC for this false inauguration for a STOLEN ELECTION that everyone knows was rigged!

In the old days we declared boldy, “Israel to you tents!” And we meant go home because we will not participate in your folly.

BOYCOTT this duplicitous two-party system! And every corporation from the various governments to those companies that are part of This Beast System!

If you want to know what an Israelite looks like, go look in your mirror. Because if you are reading my blog you are most likely pure Israelite or at least a mix and have claim to the rich heritage of Jacob-Israel the man.

The FBI is behind these False Flags! Along with the CIA and every other government alphabet agency! Folks, we are living in The Beast System and if you don’t realize by now who the enemy is, there is nothing that can be done for you!

READ YOUR BIBLES! So that you may access The Mind of Creator Father God YHVH and not be so readily misled, so readily deceived! And HOLD YOUR GROUND!

Go home and boycott. Go home and enjoy yourself. Let these evil ones and those vile Congresswomen like AOC and Ayanna play with themselves! Continue masterbating and jerking off to their wet dreams of total domination. Those bitches need to be (as they themselves want to do to others) kicked out of Congress!

Look at AOC’s “duper smile!” She can hardly contain herself as she tries and thinks she is pulling one over on US all!

I apologize for my foul language but this time it is called for! WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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