To My Friends on FacistBook

I have been blocked and whatever I posted during my last hours was so on point, so correct, so truthful that Facebook will not dare show me my offense! FaceBook is a DARPA project. It is our enemy! This corporate government is THE Enemy!

NaziBook has my account locked up tighter than ever! No messages. No posts. No comments. I can’t even send a smiley face. NAZI FACISTBOOK has been harassing me and shadow banning me for years!

Facebook is communist. It is the World Revolution. Moreover, Facebook appears to be run and owned by BOTH China AND Israel! Facebook intelligence PsyOp combines the two spearheads of World Communist Revolution AND Zionism!

These are the two prong spears outlined by Naval Intelligence Admiral William Guy Carr (2013) in his book “Pawns in the Game.” These are owned by the Illuminati that Dr. Henry Makow (a good Jew) has exposed.

Let me be clear. The Illuminati has controlled each of these movements since their inception. The Illuminati started each of these evil, vile projects!

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