False Dichotomies

We tend to think in false dichotomies which is extremely limiting. Because it limits perspectives and alternative explanations and all, many times those dichotomies are false. They are in error.

I, too, tend to conceptualize in false dichotomies. Why? Because it is easy.

Now I am going to say that a perspective that is useful is valid. So, I urge you to pause and think. Likewise I will do the same. Waiting is not easy.

Still, I say keep your powder dry. Not only that, keep it to yourself. In case you can’t tell, I, too, am stressing.

I have no idea what March 4th will bring. It is the old date for swearing in the new Congress.

We made mistakes on one of those dates and we sat attorneys in Congress which was in clear violation of the newly ratified Original 13th Amendment. Perhaps we can re-instate that properly ratified amendment and correct things.

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