The Coming Purge

One does not have to be a psychologist to read the tea leaves. Reading the waters I surmise from a brief look at the news. In this case from the Mises Institute which is a very good website. In it we have an article entitled “A Wave of Abusive Federal Prosecutions Is Comingin which John Brennan is cited.

The former CIA Director said they are taking their time assembling the list of those involved in the January 6th Trump Insurrection to include all sorts of people, including religious extremists, Trump zealots, and all sorts! It was a long list and took approximately a paragraph to describe those whom they will be targeting!

This is the same pattern followed since time immemorial. The elite used this strategy in the take downs of many nations including Russia, France and all of the modern communist “uprisings.” And it was utilized by the Phoenicians long, long ago pre-Israel, ancient Israel that is.

In this case, the Illuminati have brought their two obvious spears to bear on the United States, the communist World Revolution and the Zionist Internationale. Admiral William Guy Carr described this in detail in his books. Then his final book “Satan Prince of This World” was published posthumously by his son.

William Guy Carr retired from the Royal Canadian Navy as a Commander. He worked in naval intelligence. He began researching this strange phenomena he sensed existed in 1911. What he discovered was amazing. You can listen to one of his presentations on YouTube.

However, I stress the importance of his recommendations in the introduction of “Satan Prince of This World” on page vii:

“re-fuse (sic) to become involved in any more wars and revolutions under any circumstances. This would require individuals to practice passive resistance to authorities who would force them into war.”

Another way of saying this is that the Amish have it right! Passive resistance. Do not fight. Do not give the Illuminati what they want which is a regression to absolute bloody barbarism so they can sacrifice the blood of the world’s population to their fish god Dagon.

Carr states that this is the Luciferian religious movement. While he tracks it as two spears working toward the same goal separately, we may now see the twin spears of Zionism and Communism joining forces. But that is not all.

There are at least eight spears directed against the people of the United States and that may be in addition to our own government(s)! Whether it is headed by Biden or by Trump makes no difference! All parties involved are working to destroy America!

This is what is meant by the special phrase “the great work.” And they have scheduled & planned this since the founding of our nation or before!

Last but not least, the Illuminati want to destroy the earth! It appears this group has destroyed the earth at least four maybe seven times before. It is said they used nukes four times before this time. Perhaps that is what is required starting a nuclear winter or an ice age.

We are headed to an ice age and they know it. Whether or not it requires the Illuminati to touch off nukes to get it started I do not know.

Isn’t it time we read the Bible? The Bible is the book of all knowledge and that includes the knowledge of good & evil. The Illuminati are playing by the same book! The bad guys know the Bible far better than we do! It appears to be the play book for their actors in this game. It is the rule book and the evil one & his children are invoking the punishments described therein as if they are gods!

Remember, even the pawn has value in the game of chess. Rise up! Do no violence.


There will come a time with the sons of Israel (the real Israelites descended from Jacob) shall rise up against the sons of Cain (the sons of Esau who became Edom) and burn them all out (The Book of Obadiah). Nevertheless, the motivation & the kindling required will be the deaths of many including some who read this blog.

I am already on several of their lists. They have treated me terribly and, as an old man hot on their trail for the seventh decade, I don’t give a shit!

Be careful. Be very careful. It appears the elite and their media and Hollywood and their intelligence agencies are acting to stage the end of the Bible, the end of the world, while many of the Old Testament prophecies have yet to be fulfilled!

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