AI Stole and Steals from US

What happened this fall election cycle is Artificial Intelligence (AI) went active in October and AI arranged this theft of our election! AI is even in the apps and all of the electronic controls of my laundromat. What do they have in common? They are all thieves! they are designed and programmed to chisel away at our principle and interests in order to cheat US and rob US blind!

These AI machines do this every day and in every way. They steal from US in ways which are almost imperceptible. They take little bits in ways which are often difficult to detect. AI did this during our election and all know that Trump won by a landslide, probably the Biggest Landslide in history!

But the sad fact is Trump is one of them. While he is superior at business in policy, Trump is still beholding to the owners of the plantation. He’s part of the problem. Moreover, they are all playing one Big Game AGAINST US!

Do you want to know the sign that our Republic is well on the way to being restored?

When you see the Original 13th Amendment declared as fully ratified and the law of the land. And when the BAR Association members and the Israeli Dual Citizens are finally exposed and stripped of any & all citizenship in these United States of America we will be well on our way to living once again with limited government under our Common Law Constitution and not before!

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