Discrimination at Trader Joe’s

I don’t know if it’s my advanced age or the fact I am an obvious straight male or maybe it was politically based (since the communists are trying to take over and finalize their total destruction of my country!) or maybe it was because I am a White male and as everyone knows it is perfectly OK to disciminate against White men!

Last night a somewhat androgynous “crew member” assaulted me verbally so terribly that I left my groceries in my cart in the parking lot and I almost stuck the cart with my car and almost drove away without my groceries! Last evening was and is the last time I will ever step foot in any Trader Joe’s!

That was Sunday February 14th Valentine’s Day 2021 when I was approached by a MASK NAZI and I will have more to say shortly after I attend to more urgent tasks. This was the Trader Joe’s located at Baseline & Gilbert. Nevertheless, I urge all to


And any other location that insists that one wear a FACE DIAPER!

Face masks are a violation of Federal OSHA standards and since my mother injured me when I was a child I have suffered from severe lung incapacity. I don’t want to go into it because I was only seven years old and I do not believe my mother intended to damage me but she did.

Regardless, this unprofessional irritating “crew member” (I could not tell whether this person was male or female and I always try to be respectful.) meant to cause me harm and harm she did! By the way, I was wearing a clear full face shield that Costco had provided. And I talked to the two men at the entrance about coming into their store with my Sprout’s cart before entering their store. They gave me permission.

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