USAA is a Fucking Bad Corporation!

USAA hired Jaburg & Wilke to represent them. Their attorney has twisted my good words and is trying to get me to give up my FIRST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH RIGHTS for a pittance and I won’t do it!

This was NEVER about the Money! This was and is about THE RIDE and how USAA badgered me & my aging parents to DEATH (literally–I lost BOTH of my parents while under the undue duress USAA put my family through with their BREECH OF CONTRACT and what I believe is called BAD FAITH negotiations!)

And USAA has the gall to hire the law firm that ABANDONED me years ago & cost me my ability to practice in my profession! I wrote Mr. Jaburg himself a letter and gave him the opportunity to address his attorneys’ ABANDONMENT of me. Mr. Jaburg never called me and never wrote me back.

Abe Lincoln wrote that the professions were turned against the laity meaning that the professions are all allowed to PREDATE upon the public. They are predators. This is also true of my own profession and I am not proud of it whatsoever! Psychology as well as the LAW PROFESSION and others (especially Medical) have DESTROYED AMERICA!

And I intend to fight back. as part of that fight I will keep my free speech rights in order that I may tell my story of how USAA screwed me and screwed me & my family over the years!

Wish me success. We are going to court and USAA has hired Goliath but I have a smooth stone in my quiver and by my Creator Father I intend to use it!

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