Celebrating the Death of the Republican Party

After Senator Mitch McConnell went after Trump and after the GOP helped the Vote Fraud election of Biden-Harris, finally, the Republican Party is dead! It is finished! And good riddance!

The Radical Republicans of “Honest” Abe Lincoln (the worst president ever!) destroyed our Republic in 1861 and finalized the destruction of our Republic in 1871. Lincoln did this by overwriting the fully ratified and enacted Original 13th Amendment which made it illegal for Lincoln and any other BAR Association attorney to hold public office in either of the other two branches of government.

Attorneys who accepted the “esquire” given by the Crown in London were stripped of any & all citizenship in these United States! This was to maintain the “separation of powers” and to prevent errant lawyers from enmiring US in another war like the attorneys did with The War of 1812!

If we want to restore our Republic it has to start with re-establishing of the Original 13th Amendment and putting attorneys in their place! Then we must expand the 13th Amendment so that we exclude all Israeli Duals from holding any citizenship in the several States and, moreover, we need to deport, forcibly if necessary, all Israeli Duals from our shores! And certainly, no man or woman with divided loyalty in the form of divided citizenship should be allowed to hold ANY position, elected or not, in any government in the United States federal government or any of the State or county governments.

It’s a good thing that Mitch McConnell has killed his own party! It’s a wonderful thing that those who destroyed our Republic finally are rendered impotent and dealt with. The TRAITORS need to meet the end that all treason merits! To think the Republicans are trying to get away with (falsely) accusing Trump of insurrection! The actions of the Republican establishment are seditious and need to be called out for what they are!


Cut them off all money!


President George Washington was right. The parties system was the death of our Republic and, sadly, it has led to the ongoing and very soon accelerating GENOCIDE of the American people and the end of the American dream.

With his “experimental vaccines” Bill Gates & his wife Melinda Gates are counting upon killing between 230 Million to 270 Million Americans! Look at the Georgia Guidestones and the Deagel website. Listen carefully to what this couple and other eugenicists say! Listen carefully to Klaus Schwab and the Bildebergs. Take them at their word!

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