You are living through THE WORST PHASES OF OUR SUN & THE EARTH!

We, you and I, are living through THE MOST DANGEROUS PHASES OF OUR SUN & THE EARTH! I figured this out years before you were born.

When I was in 4th Grade and then again in approximately 8th Grade I ascertained when the planet cools after an expansion is when the Earth experiences the most and the largest earthquakes. Mountain ranges are formed and they have often been birthed by being thrown [from their places of origin] into the air and landing 600 miles away!

We are in the Earth “expansion phase” and in this one the mass of our World is calculated to increase by 100.5%. Instant freeze is also possible as are the wobbling of the planet on its axis and perhaps even a cessation of the Earth’s rotation–which will lead to a complete reset–a watery muddy grave for all!

My message for you this day is to enjoy this day because we do not live in the past and tomorrow is not guaranteed. [It may be that the “cooling and contracting phase” I originally conceptualized as a child results in even more earthquakes than this “cooling and expanding” phase.]

We are going to see tremendous surface winds as the jet streams meander to the equator then subside. They may wander all over the face of the Earth. [This winter storm in Texas.]

Water flows are going to be disrupted. [The Gulf stream has already just about come to a standstill. New England is going to be extremely cold while glaciers may advance in Europe.]

Glaciers are going to roll forward. [As happened recently one summer in Alaska north of Juneau when a glacier came roaring forward blocking the mouth of a bay trapping the whales and other marine mammals and the Greens screamed we had to save them because they would soon use up all the oxygen in the water!]

This planet was designed to recycle itself and we are at the end of an Earth Age. Note it is NOT “The End of the World.” It is merely the end of the age that began as the waters reset the planet approximately 11,500-12,500 years ago.

There are approximately six different “Days of the LORD” described in the Bible and only one or two have to do with the return of Jesus. Actually there may be more than two returns of Jesus if one includes the Deuterocanonical books also called the Apocrypha.

Most of “the Day of the LORD” describe geological events which are catastrophic in nature. Read the Bible. Do not remain ignorant. Do not remain easily deceived.

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