Suburban Nautilus Tankless Water Heater is Excellent!

Update on Suburban’s Tankless Hot Water Heater

Approximately two and half years ago I wrote a scathing review on Amazon about my tankless hot water heater. The temperature varied widely from freezing to scalding. The tech’s at Camping World were worse than useless. That is now a Gander Mountain store. Camping World couldn’t figure it out; nonetheless, they charged me.

Their female rep got me banned claiming “sexual harassment.” Really, these LIBTARDS think they can solve everything by making False Allegations! Reality check: Do not hire feminist female Libtards in positions involving public relations. I will never go to service at Camping World again.

Eventually I took it across the street to RV Renovators where they diagnosed it and fixed it. It had never been installed properly. The installer failed to set the propane for the new unit and the entire unit was not mounted firmly–it was loose.

Now, the hot water tank runs very well. Temperatures while sensitive remain steady and the unit provides endless hot water and saves energy. I am definitely using less propane and I am saving a few pounds of weight. Plus the showers are heavenly.

Throughout the ordeal Suburban in Kentucky was available and helpful. On top of that since I am full time the tankless hot water requires less maintenance. I am very happy with it.

Whatever you do go to a reputable installer and get it installed right the first time. By using the man at Camping World’s father it cost me an additional $600 and 18 months of aggravation and almost getting burned, scalded by hot water. These are great units when properly installed.

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