Half of our National Debt Due to Welfare for Blacks?

I am asking this question because I heard something greatly distressing during a YouTube discussion between two academics. One of them (Alan) sad that half of our national debt was as a direct result of our welfare we provided to Blacks. And I assume this would have been due to LBJ’s “The Great Society” program giving Blacks welfare forever.

If this is accurate, then why are we talking about “reparations for slavery?” When we should be talking about reparations to reimburse non-Black America for their slavery to the Blacks!

Seriously, an argument (intellectual) may be made that Whites were enslaved in order to enrich Blacks. I could go on but this question really needs to be answered:

Is it true that half or any significant percentage of our nation debt was due to welfare programs? Particularly for the benefit of Blacks?

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