The Treachery of Alexander Hamilton (Levine)

Alexander Hamilton’s real last name was “Levine” and he was a Rothschild agent who gave us the first central bank and our stock market and attempted to allow the central government to create corporations which our Founders would never tolerate otherwise.

All three of these were engineered and guided by the Rothschild family and all three were deigned to subjugate our people. and subjugate the people they did!

Today, the Federal Reserve Bank owns everything and everyone through an elaborate system of corporations and frauds. The most direct way out of this is to crashed the Federal Reserve Note mistakenly called “the dollar” and start anew with the only currency authorized by the Constitution.

Do not worry. There is plenty to go around. All we have to do is follow Dr. Ron Paul’s advice: Tax the Federal Reserve System at 105% of its profits retroactively since that debauchery was founded in 1913.

Do not worry about assets as we will require those to be turned in to cover their debt. They’ve made debt slave of US all and now it’s time to return the favor!

Think about all the land and the patents the central Federal Government owns and holds illegally. We can do it. We just need a master of business with integrity. I assure you Trump is not it, since he backed their genocidal inoculation fraud!

We the people and the individual sovereign States are going t have to do it and it starts with reinstating the full Original 13th Amendment and negating all subsequent amendments as null and void, out of order.

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