Infrasonic Weapons LRAD Violence

Many of us are still wondering why the government failed to deploy LRAD devices and bring the rioting in Minnesota, Oregon, Washington and other States to a halt. I am going to fathom a guess. Our government is saving those weapons to use upon US!

Since we are not fomenting a Second Civil War fast enough to satisfy the “banksters,” I suspect they are withholding the LRAD to deploy secretly and use those to drive us to violence. Therefore, if you are in an urban area and you start to feel edgy or like you want to commit a violent act or violent acts which are uncharacteristic of you, leave that area immediately. GET OUT before all hell breaks loose.

The best thing a man can do is leave that scene rather than fight. As Dad told me: “It takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight.” And by this I think he means it takes a man of far stronger character and greater self control to realize that it’s not in his his best interests to participate in “bad scenes.”

Likewise, if your mate or partner or wife drives to nuts and to the edge of violence I urge you to turn your back on the situation and walk away and perhaps even to not look back. Don’t give them a chance to drag you down and set you up. Especially walk away or run away from any female who wants to fight.

Remember, women do not fight fair. They don’t even play fair. Females are NOT the “fairer” sex. They are the real predators. We men are their prey. Make sure you are doing what is in your best interest.

Take the time. Step back and ask yourself “What is in my best interests?”

Always look out for your interests. Principles are great but your interests and your fate are in the moment, the moment of decision. Make the right choice.

Leave any bad scene. Head away from population centers at any inkling your gut tells you that may go violent. Be on guard. Watch your six.

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