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If you are a woman on What’s Your Price you may indeed decided to search for information about the service or perhaps you saw my profile, figured out it was me and even decided to search for me. If so, I encourage you to contact me.

I have just gotten active once again on WYP and sometimes when I am typing in location I get an autofill error and the next thing I know I am looking at new faces thinking they are local but they are not. That happened recently and I was looking at lovely profiles hundreds of miles away.

Often I wished I could just get off a message freely. Giving a compliment or even encouragement or clarifying things. But that is not possible on WYP. Nor are refined searches or queries for more pictures or search by graphic map location possible on the website.

Nevertheless, if you are looking me up and researching me as most women do when sizing up a possible partner or just a new friendship, then by all means feel free to reach out to me. There is nothing more I like than a good conversation.

Well, unless I can have good food and good company at the same time–those three are my favorite things. Let me know your ideas, wants and needs. Let me know what you think.

Maybe you and your communication will inspire me to make the long trip so that we can meet and see how we connect. I am doing my best to remain available and wide open to possibilities. Feel free to email or to even call me.

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