What’s Your Price Double Standard

Sadly, as much as females and institutions demand “equality” there is none. Key point is the ongoing war against free speech. The censorship prevails. Well, against men.

When I saw a cute description as to why a young woman’s favorite number is “88” I was so impressed I “borrowed” it. Then I got in trouble. Apparently, some female found it “offensive” and complained.

So, WYP took my profile or that section down or refused to allow it. It was long ago and I was rather hurt. After all, it was a cute saying generated by a woman and it appealed and is appealing to women in general.

I guess it gave me an unfair advantage but it was not “waycist.” It had nothing to do with the 14 words or anything White Supremacist.

What did she say?

It was her favorite number because you get eight twice!

That’s not exactly how she wrote it but I find myself censoring myself! I thought it was cute. And we all know most females are going to complain anyway! I suggest WYP ignore them.

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