Whats Your Price Credit Scheme (not) Explained

One of the biggest complaints about WYP is their credit scheme is not explained. It is not in any obvious place so I am not able to understand it or explain it. Yet, here it is as best I can recall.

Dates under $100 cost a man 20* credits. And dates above $100 cost him 20% in WYP commissions and fees.

Dates under $50 cost 5 credits and anything between $50 and $99 cost 10 credits. [*As I proof read this I see my error right away but I am leaving it in because I don’t know whether the $50-99 dates cost 10 or 15 points.]

It gets really hard to figure out because the numbers above $100 get very odd. Moreover, the credit count almost never comes out even so that one is often short just 2 credits to make the date happen.

Then it’s like a merry-go-round one can not get off–without losing more value. Overall it’s a genius system designed well to enrich its owner and creator but it gets very frustrating.

One reason it gets frustrating is many of the women leave profiles up when they are no longer active. Certainly, a lot of the women on WYP are lovely but not all the profiles are honest.

My frustration occurs when a woman responds late, long after I have left her area. That happens a lot. I suggest WYP come up with a regional map of locations to help with that. That would be quite a feat in terms of making their data set more searchable.

Also, I find it sad that WYP changed a lot of their old search descriptors including eye color and hair color. I don’t know what to suggest to WYP on these; however, a racial descriptor might help.

I don’t give a damn about racial sensitivity. When it comes to pairing off I learned the hard way a long time ago that it is best to stick with one’s own kind for stability and longevity and happiness.

So, ladies, when you see that $100 sign keep in mind that it doubles the man’s expense. The same with that $50 threshold. You are demonstrating consideration and thoughtfulness and practicality and frugality when you notch your proposal down $1.

However, if the reason you are on WYP is for “validation” and to satisfy your ego, then by all means demand the highest price you can command. Just remember you might find a real keeper if you come in at a more realistic price.

I, for one, want enough money left to take you to the nicer place. Then again if you are that unrealistic it behooves one to find out sooner rather than later. Likewise, you can sort us out.

Things are changing and with the burgeoning MGTOW movement, men are becoming wiser. Many are leaving the field altogether and refusing to play your games. I suggest you treat us well and see the dividends possible from equitable treatment.

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