The Restoration of the Original 13th Amendment

Clarification, there is no other way to restore our Republic than to fully restore our Original 13th Amendment. It does have dire consequences for attorneys in America. I have no cure for that. It is something that others will have to work out.

The 13th Amendment was passed to make sure that the attorneys did not get US into war again as they got us into war with Great Britain. I don’t know exactly how the attorneys or which specific attorneys got US into the War of 1812 with Britain. However it was done, it was bad enough that the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment was passed and ratified and fully enacted.

Then the Congress on about March 5th of 1813 sat the attorneys in violation of the newly passed 13th Amendment!

Should we bring back the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment that language strips all BAR Association members of any and all citizenship in these United States of America. Read the amendment and see for yourself.

What I like. What I absolutely love is that after all these years, decades of hearing attorneys declare “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” with the restoration of the Original 13th Amendment, it will be the BAR Association members, the attorneys who will then be screaming. And we will reply: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse!”

That is poetic justice!

Why the BAR Association? BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry and was beholding to the Crown, the King of England.

Abraham Lincoln knew the Original 13th Amendment made it unlawful for him to hold the office of President because of the specific language in the Amendment. He was a BAR Association attorney.

The purpose of the 13th Amendment was to establish the “separation of powers.” Because attorneys, as “officers of the courts,” were already members of the Judiciary. They could not hold offices in either of the other two branches of government. That means that attorneys could not hold offices in either the Legislative or the Executive branches. In other words, attorneys were already members of the Judiciary and could not be elected to the offices of President, Vice-President or as Congressman or Senators!

Once this Biden Administration fails and the current “corporate” government and all “corporate governments” in the USA fail, we have only one recourse. And that is to return to the original structure the Founding Fathers gave us.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Moreover, the original structure our Founding Fathers gave us is the only thing we are going to be able to agree upon!

However, I think the smart gentlemen statesmen of the South were able to improve upon our original structure. Certainly, the gentlemen from the South made more contributions than those from the North.

I would like to see wise learned seniors like Dr. Donald Livingston at the Abbeville Institute be called upon to contribute & lead our nation into a truly “build back better” central government than what our Founders gave us.

An example of the wisdom of Dr. Livingston may be seen on YouTube. “The Real Reason the South Seceded by Donald Livingston” is a sampling of the professor’s wisdom.

Jeffersonian Republicanism is the only way to Make America Great Again and to once again live as a free people. I hail the restoration of our organic government and the restoration of our Republic.

This may only be accomplished if YHVH Creator Father God steps in as He did with the Israelites, saves America and blesses us once again. It shall happen!

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