Arizona Governor Doug Ducey CCP Agent?

According to Mike Lindell the Governor of Arizona is NOT so honorable. He claims that our name changing Arizona Governor accepted payment from the ChiComs to torpedo Arizona’s economy and to aid & abet in this genocide, the COVID-19 WORLD WAR.

I don’t trust name changers and Ducey changed his name from Roscoe to Ducey. I guess that was to distance himself from his organized crime family. They were involved in off shore gambling and had a police officer in their family who had to resign.

So, I ask:

How many of our elected government officials have been bought off by the ChiComs and have become Communist Chinese agents?

I hear our entire Supreme Court is an asset of the Chinese Communist Party!

Each Justice goes to China and is paid Million$ to give a couple of speeches each year. If that’s not subterfuge I don’t know what is!

Remember the idea that Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life? It is a lie!

The Constitution says explicitly justices “may serve while under good Behavior” and taking bribes from a foreign government is NOT good Behavior!

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