China’s War with Western Civilization

Because I pointed out the fact that the Chinese or at least their Chinese Communist Party has been waging war against all of Western Civilization and most of the World and my concern for the many victims of this long standing war is why FacistBook also known as FaceBook, Facebook has given me another 30 days and is violating not only my First Amendment Right to Free Speech but FB is violating their own community standards. My expression for the safety & wellbeing of people should be allowed on FaceBook!

FacistBook is a US government project to monitor the people. Our government and its leaders are owned by the Chinese Communists, the CCP.

When Trump or any of our politicians claim they can not stop FaceBook censorship they are lying! They are all lying and that includes President Trump!

Trump was part of the problem! Trump is just their best actor! He played his part well and he’s beholding to the Bad Figs in Israel and the international banking community.

Remember, Isaiah said there were good figs and bad figs. Yahshua Jesus Himself declared the Bad Figs as the Synagogue of Satan not once but twice in The Book of Revelations alone!

Since it was mentioned two times in the Bible we call this a “double witness” because Creator Father YHVH God wants us to pay attention to this.

The Bible is peppered throughout with references to these Bad Figs and the Edomites. It is not limited to merely Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9.

READ THE BIBLE! It’s all in there!

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