War with China & Corporations & Our Own Government

Because I posted on FacistBook that China is at war with western civilization, FB gave me 30 days. When FB asked if I was expressing concern for the well being of a people I endorsed that perspective.

At this point I conclude that not only are we at War with China or at least the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but also that:

Facebook is owned by the USA and is a Military Program against the people!

Facebook is probably under the US Army.

Our nation is illegally occupied by a foreign enemy.

Our gates (places of power, courts and almost all of the Federal Government, all of the Supreme Court Justices and the majority of State Governors) are all occupied by ChiCom agents, stooges of the Chinese. They are bought off and paid off by the Chinese Communist Party and that is why certain Senators are still in office even though they have been exposed as totally compromised!

How do we “clean house” and put things in order?

I do not know.

I suppose when most of the populace decides to ignore all of the central federal government and these non-organic governments and these “corporate” (incorporated) governments, Federal and State we the people can and will form true organic governments in their stead, in their places.

Our Founders never allowed corporations and they would not allow corporations to do business with Americans–for good reason. They knew the dangers of corporations and we did not allow corporations to exist until after our Civil War.

The purpose of corporations is to avoid responsibility and if we want to be a “free” people we must be responsible. There is no other way to make such a government of free men work. Everyone must be responsible and each must makes their assets available to make another whole whom they might possibly damage.

One more thing.

How many corporations are there?

There is only one.

That is the Vatican. It is Roman law. It is Cannon law and all other corporations are formed under it! Even “our own” current inorganic central federal government is under Rome!

Moreover, there are at least four different kinds of United States of America corporations! And this allows the elite to play a Giant Shell Game and further defraud the people!

It’s time we eliminated corporations inside America. Do not ask me how to do this. I have no idea. That is for you young people to sort out. Along with revealing the crimes of these corporations and their many frauds you young folks have a tremendous amount of work to do–if you want to become a free people and you want to remain free.

First, let’s re-establish our Republic. That 17th Amendment is in the way as are all sorts of central government over reaches. Let’s send all those “senators” packing and let the State Governments send (and pay for) their own legislators to represent their States’ governments since those were the parties to our Constitution and without such representation there is no Constitution.

I hope you understand me.

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