Is it Biblical? State of California DESTROYING AMERICA!

This just might be Biblical. If it is it’s in The Book of Revelations

It’s quite simple. The communists in California have engineered this SUPPLY CRISIS in order to take down America. This is a direct result of the California Green New Deal and there is a wonderful and brief article explaining the details here.

The California Version of The Green New Deal and an October 16, 2020, EPA Settlement With Transportation is What’s Creating The Container Shipping Backlog – Working CA Ports 24/7 Will Not Help, Here’s Why – The Last Refuge (

For Bible readers this is in fulfillment of the Berle Horse in Revelations which has often been mistranslated as the “pale horse” or a “white horse.” When we go back to the original language we find the Greek root word chloros which means “green” or “pale green.”

As the Bible is written at many levels and with more the just one meaning, the color “green” is also the color of one of the major invaders of Western Civilization–the Muslim Islamists which was created by the Roman Catholic Church and founded by “The White Prophet” who was Jewish and owned Black slaves. That is Muhammad.

Thus, the Bible warns about BOTH the “Green” revolution and the invasion by Islamists.

Failing to recall California Governor Gavin Newsome and replace him with Larry Elder was a terminal blow to our nation. Larry would have stopped this mess California has caused!


The elite evil ones utilize the Bible fully to control us. They believe that by mimicking the plot of the Bible they can terrorize us and legitimately do to us anything they and their father the devil want. He loves to play god.

However, I assure you that there is so much unfulfilled prophecy especially in the Old Testament that remains to be fulfilled that we are no where near “the end of the world.” For one, Isaiah’s prophecy concerning Damascus or Damesh or Dimesh (transliterations) as the locals know it remains to be fulfilled. Another is the “Exodus out of the North.” And a third is the time when ‘each person returns to their own land.’

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