Texas is not a Safe Place

The people I have met from Texas always brag about their State but the fact is Texas is bigger in several ways–all undesirable. First, Texas has a HUGE State government and folks here don’t realize how centralized and controlled things are for them.

Second, next to Louisiana Texas is the most corrupt State in the union. In fact, it so corrupt that the political predator class legislators have crafted and put into place laws that enable and protect their criminality and their criminals.

Third, forget about Texas being big on law and order! That is a myth perpetuated in Hollywood and on the television.

Fourth, Texas harbors war criminals & assassins. Only in the Great State of Texas could President John F. Kennedy be assassinated. And that’s for a reason: The people are so corrupt.

Don’t believe me. Don’t take my word for it. Go and watch the B&W interview of their Governor John Connally in the hospital. Do you think Connally was being truthful? I certainly don’t! Moreover, I suspect he was in on that murder either before the fact or after the fact. Connally has been preserved in video and you can judge for yourself.

In our once stable culture in the USA we ran at approximately 4% sociopathy. However, that was almost two decades ago and as our culture has deteriorated I estimated we exceed 7%. The rate of sociopathy is only going to increase as we allow our political predators to import all sorts of people unvetted.

Between 2000 and 2020 the percentage of sociopaths in the population of the United States of America has increased from 4% to more than 7.1%

For comparison consider a very stable culture and relatively homogeneous population in Japan. Their rate of sociopathy is merely 1.7%. It is stable and there is a lot less crime in Japan. And I dare say there is far less corruption in Japan particularly among the elite political class.

Contrary to popular belief most sociopaths are NOT in prison but roam the streets freely. The vast majority are in politics and on corporate boards. Many are lobbyists and many have professional licenses. Most pass for esteemed citizens.

The ones in our penitentiaries represent a small fraction of sociopaths. Those are the less intelligent ones who get caught.

The best sociopaths pass themselves off as “philanthropists!” And we are even dealing with sociopathic cultures. These tend to portray themselves as “victims” and the tell tale signs of a sociopath are the “pity party” and “projection.” Just like the Left today “projects” the crimes it is actually committing upon the other party.

This was particularly true in the case of President Donald J. Trump. When it came to pinning Russia on Trump the real truth was the Democrats were in collusion with the Russians. Just as the Democrat Party is in collusion with the ChiComs and Big Tech. And the Mainstream Media is covering this all up.

Do you still believe the Mainstream Media? The MSM was lying when they interviewed Connally and gave us a twisted view of the massive CIA operations (There were two.) which were used to assassinate President Kennedy. The cover up of the JFK Assassination was even larger than the crime!

It took six (6) Presidents to kill one!

Eisenhower had advanced knowledge. Nixon was instrumental and he referred to the Kennedy Assassination euphemistically as “the Bay of Pigs” on the White House tapes because Nixon was deathly afraid of the public learning that he had put together the hit team while he was Vice President.

President Johnson was a key planner and actor in the assassination of his own President. President Bush, BOTH OF THEM, were present in Dallas for the Big Event. President George Herbert Walker Bush was the CIA supervisor on the scene coordinating the “fake assassination” that E. Howard Hunt and his team staged.

It was father taking son to work. By the way, the Bush’s real last name is “Scherf.” And President Ford was the last survivor of that great cover up known as “The Warren Commission.”

The (False Flag) CIA Operation was to fake an assassination attempt upon Kennedy. It was designed to render an excuse for a full military invasion of Cuba. But it was upstaged by the real murder coordinated by James Jesus Angleton on the CIA’s Israeli Desk. It had been ordered by the Prime Minister of Israel David ben Gurion after Kennedy said that ‘“The only way Israel will receive approval for their nuclear programme from USA is over my dead body” (sic)

Folks, we are run by murderers & thieves. You can expect to become a victim of crime as our society continues to deteriorate. This was all planned, engineered. This is the result of Long Range planning by the elite families and their “banksters,” the international bankers.

All wars are banker’s wars and we will continue to suffer until we wake up and return to self rule and restore our Republic. Barack Obama was right when he declared that middle America clings to its guns and its Bibles. He spoke the truth.

We have our guns but do you have your Bibles? No, you don’t. You’ve been misled from the pulpits and our lying pastors. The prophets wrote about them long, long ago.

Read the Bible. Stay tuned for my forthcoming internet radio shows. Free your minds and give yourself a fighting chance by reading your Bibles for yourselves. I will be there soon to guide you out of the lies that come from the Main Stream churches.

End all contracts as possible. As best you can cease doing business with corrupt corporations. Stop using the big banks and start working with smaller local credit unions who do not undermine you and your nation. Come out of her. Come out of this Beast System. Do not take “the jab.” Do not take “the mark!”

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