Conversation with Michael Hubbard Cont’d

Michael Hubbard and I talked about a lot of things. It seemed our conversation slipped easly and quickly into various subjects. Key among those was Mr. Hubbard’s observations, keen observations of “accidents” and “insanity” in those who have accepted THE JAB.

Hubbard has superior observation skills. Way above normal and I appreciate him sharing his observations with me. He is young, sharp, intelligent and see things most miss. More importantly, he recognized this COVID vaccine and all as a genocidal plot. He said that he and his family were not taking the Vax. I applaud him. I wish my family had not succumbed and taken that Vax.

This COVID vaccine and all as a genocidal plot.

Hubbard was very engaging and likeable. He readily established a rapport and led me towards disposing of what remained of my coins with his help and he redirected me towards blaming FedEx and suing FedEx.

Hubbard wanted to know if I know anyone in power, any politicians. I told him the story of the most powerful person I had ever met. That was a woman dressed impeccably in Scottsdale who was about my age. She is the granddaughter of Walt Disney and we talked about the Black Nobility which is the real power behind the scenes and the Black Pope. Those folks are the real bosses of the kings and queens and of the Pope himself.

There was a problem with this meeting. For one within 20 minutes the Houston Police Detective called me and he took Mr. Hubbard’s position. I was stopped in Houston traffic and could only talk briefly. It’s obvious to me that Mr. Hubbard had convinced the HPD that he was “the victim.” Moreover, Hubbard stole so much from me that he could afford two attorneys and to pay off the police and everybody including my CPA whom pushed me into this errant deal.

Hubbard and both his attorneys took so much money from me that it is impossible to estimate how much! For one, he took the Holy Grail of Coins. One the value of which could only be established in a public auction. It was worth millions, perhaps even tens of millions!

The Holy Grail of coins.

Both of Hubbard’s attorneys’ wittingly participated in his grand theft and perhaps the perfect crime.

The Bible says “love truth and justice” in that order. Why? Because without the truth there can be no justice–just like America is suffering today.

Love truth and justice.

Hubbard was not to open the boxes and suitcases until I arrived and I was present. His first attorney lied and said that Hubbard did not go through them except for the one box that had been damaged. That was not true. Hubbard sent me pictures with the large gray tub right away which indicated to me that Hubbard went through all of my coins the moment they arrived.

America is suffering today.

Melanie Bragg’s email was composed with a date AFTER the date Hubbard placed on his “inventory” which was May 25th. So, his first attorney’s statement was not correct. Did she wittingly lie?

His second attorney wrote that all of the coins were there but that was certainly not true! Hubbard and both of this attorneys said I never sent him an inventory. So, how can his attorneys claim that all of my coins were still there?

In truth and actuality Hubbard had the full inventories just like FedEx Claims and CPA John Wardlaw had them via email in May. Hubbard combined the contents of three separate boxes in that large plastic tub and I found a coin from one of the suit cases in the bottom of that huge plastic tub. That indicated to me that Hubbard combined my coins in a malicious manner to make inventorying what remained of my coins hard as hell. Almost impossible.

In a nutshell, Hubbard and his attorneys are all liars and thieves! That includes his latest barrister jackass at The Weaver Law Firm and his first attorney Melanie Bragg. Read Hubbard’s attorney’s letter and judge for yourselves.

I speak and write the truth. His last attorney did not!

Read Hubbard’s attorney’s letter and judge for yourselves.

Had Hubbard been honest and had he waited. Would we have discovered my Dad’s rarest coin. I would have sold it at auction and paid Michael Hubbard handsomely. It takes as much energy to be good as it does to be bad.

Thus, Hubbard could have earned an honest fee and had the world-wide fame in the numismatic world of having identified the rarest coin or at least one of the rarest coins in the world. The only one is on display in the Smithsonian as “the only one of its kind.” My father had the other one!

The only one is on display in the Smithsonian as “the only one of its kind.”

The entire would could have enjoyed that coin and its discovery but now it appears it has been lost forever to a thief!

It takes as much energy to be good as it does to be bad.

In closing I will say that my lesson from this entire matter is not to deny the Holy Spirit. When John Wardlaw, CPA pushed Michael Hubbard and D of J Coins and Collectibles on me, I should have told Wardlaw off and followed my “gut feeling.”

“Gut feelings” are what sociopaths lack. They are not wired up normally and as a result this gives them the advantage. This gives them the upper hand. Why? Perhaps “how” is the better question.

By not having a conscience they are better able to take advantage of the rest of us. They walk freely among us and predate upon us. They understand the rules of social interaction better than we do and they use them against us! They are likable, engaging.

The Holy Spirit is a connection to the enteric nervous system–which our keepers deleted from the psychology text books in 1948! The Soul is electrical which is why all of the RFI pollution is so dangerous.

The Soul is electrical.

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