A Pox Upon Your House

Is not the exact phrase as it is “a pox upon both your houses.” This is the famous line from the Shakespearean (Kent) play “Romeo and Juliet” which was uttered three times.

A pox upon your house, Khazaria!

If Putin is doing what I think he is doing Putin is going after or has gone after 13 Level 4 Bioweapons Laboratories in the Ukraine and all of them (just like the Level 4 Bioweapons Labs in Taipei!) have been working to weaponize Small Pox.

There are references in the Bible to an outbreak of such a disease in which the suffering will be so bad people will pray to die!

Now, Xi in China is getting ready to cross the straights of Taiwan and take similar action as Putin has taken. At least that is according to Cliff High.

Both Russia and China (the Bear and the Dragon) are going after the Khazarian Mafia’s Bioweapons Labs! So I have linked to FOUR videos proving that the Khazarian Mafia has high jacked America and is running the USA today!

You will need to watch and listen carefully to all four videos in order to begin to overcome your brain washing and our Mainstream Media which is full Operation Mockingbird.

One last point folks, they are already playing “Jews and NAZI’s” inside the Ukraine! This is Bibi Netanyahoo’s play to get their original “homelands” back–the land of the Khazars which the Ukraine is merely part of the heart of Khazaria.

Four links embedded:

The Reason for This Incursion

Cliff High on Khazaria’s character

The history of the “Khazarian Mafia”

–a term coined at least a decade ago by Mike Harris who once ran for governor of Arizona. By the way, this is also Real History and not that series of lies taught in our “Khazarian schools!”

Background interview of Jeff Rense and the Texe Marrs

One thought on “A Pox Upon Your House

  1. Gunnar

    Very sad irony of all this, is religious people who call themselves Christians and don’t behave such are letting the satanist kill them and their children through the “unlawful vaccine and tyranny”. As Dr.’s, Lawyers, people are asking where is the Church/Pastoral Leaders not taking a stand for people and being the Bulwark against the evil agenda as the satanic playbook has definitely ramped up. So many termites from within, by the “5th Column”.

    For the many that wrote truth “end of man; mark of the beast”, so many prophetic warnings! Pretty sad when you have some major names like Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Dr. Joseph Mercola and the many taking a stand and don’t vaxx yourself and or the children as the false church institute rolls over and play dead once again and reveals “2020 reveals that the Corporate Church was part of the NWO” if it hasn’t been scrubbed by the satanist! We weren’t researching or judging fruit. All so very sobering!


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