The End of an Earth Age and the Rebirth of the Earth

The Evil Ones who own & run this planet know about the immediate catastrophe and have been superimposing their brainwashing (deceiving) the World.

They are the descendants of those who have survived many such “Earth Ages,” perhaps over the last 70,000 years. They major in poisons so that is why their craft (modern medicine) is so “advanced.”

The antidote and the cures for all of this are in the Bible. Much is encoded in the Bible. We have only a short time to see the Bible prophecies fulfilled and I am confident all shall be fulfilled in the short time ahead.

The Evil One and his children have known about this for a long time. So, they are able to get away with their “Global Warming” also known as “Climate Change” hoax.

This time will be different from previous Earth Ages and the Evil One and his children have no idea what is coming. Nevertheless, they have had access to all of the history books and the old maps and advanced technologies.

Fallen Angelic Technologies

Still, I hold to the coming High Holy Days of ancient Israel. I know that America is the new Israel. Most have no idea that Jesus (Yahshua) was not a Jew but an Israelite.

America is a Great Israelite Nation.

The three and a half years begins tomorrow with the Earth’s rotation accelerating and it will the shortest day in approximately 12,000 years. The inner layers of the Earth are moving towards the surface. The inner layers will act as lubricants and allow the crust to slip.

Three and One-half Years

The Evil Ones have dug in and plan upon surviving this end of this Earth Age to begin again. Those devils will once again predate upon others and do the same thing only worse!

Only this time things will be different.

The Earth Groans for her Saviors.

–In His Service

One thought on “The End of an Earth Age and the Rebirth of the Earth

  1. Gunnar (excellent work in truth)
    (also see “Medical Kidnapping by Brian Shilhavy if you order directly from Author a lot cheaper than almost $300.00 from evil doer’s who do NOT want you to read).

    I’m very sorry to say, I’m expecting Fireballs from Heaven anytime and been expecting!


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