Are “They” Pulling the Plug Today!?

My Uncle Roy lost a cool MILLION DOLLARS on one day last year in the stock market on January 1st of 2023. Then the market recovered and in my estimation by June he added $4 MILLION to his portfolio and approximately every 40 days he was increasing by a cool MILLION DOLLARS.

Today, now that we are past the multi-million dollar end of year bonuses for the CEO’s and all, the market is set to fall. Will it just be a one day drop then recover like last year?


Not necessarily as the Bond Market has tanked and war against Iran (Persia and Assyria) is immanent. Why? Because Iran is where the new gold exchange for oil is going to be set up and the United States with its Petro-Dollar can not withstand the challenge of the expanding BRICS!


We, the American people, have been captured and we can not stop the False Flags and the lies of our central Fabian Socialist federal government. Nor can we stop any of these Banker’s wars!

Their Lying Mainstream CIA Mockingbird Media Paves the Road to Hell!

And Nuclear Annihilation!

The World hates the USA. We no longer fight any war of self defense. It is all offense and their propaganda mainstream media lies to the American people and manipulates the way to war–they pave the road to hell! Americans are the laughing stock of the world because we stood by and let the 30% landslide victory of President Trump be stolen from we, the people, and did nothing!

Folks, as far a rebelling or revolting it’s not going to work! Yahweh does not bless rebellion. He only blesses self defense.

Yahweh has Judged the USA.

And Found US Lacking!

This entire morass is from Yahweh. Yahweh had judged US and found US severely lacking. National judgment is upon US. We deserve to be nuked as we are far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbors!

We are as Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbors to Yahweh!

The enemy, those parasites within have suckered US into violating the laws of Yahweh and it will not go well with US! Get ready for a hard landing. A very hard landing, indeed!


I don’t think this loss in the market today is a one time, one day thing like it was last year. How I wish My Uncle Roy was here but then he’d have to watched his beloved bank utterly fail. B of A launders far too much drug money and launders far more money in child trafficking. I can’t wait for Babylon to fall.

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