No Tears From Jodi Arias

On Monday, when a video of Jodi Arias was aired I was about 18-20 feet from the television screens, yet I could see that Jodi Arias was feigning upset and feigning crying.  There were no tears.  There was no mess.  Her glasses remained clear, but she covered her face and pretended to cry as a result of the questioning of the prosecuting attorney.

Directly in front of each of the two large screen TV’s suspended in front of the tread mills were two women.  Women of maturity.  And I asked them if they could see any tears.  These were huge flat screen TV’s and each woman was within 4-6 feet of the screens; they could see everything.

Both scoured the video and studied Jodi Arias’ face and disposition.  Both report that there were NO TEARS.  We all agreed that Jodi Arias was not crying; Jodi Arias was putting on a show in attempt to earn leniency in her sentencing.

All three of us agreed that Jodi Arias should be sentenced to death.  We want to send a message to anyone who is thinking of killing another in so many ways like Jodi Arias brutally murdered Travis Alexander.

Arias must have killed Travis two or three times or more.  That is, any of her assaulting and injuries upon his body, with the knife, 27-29 knife wounds, stabbing him in his heart, shooting him in the head, slicing his throat from ear to ear practically decapitating him was in itself enough to kill Travis.  What Arias did was overkill!

We believe Arias will always be a danger to others.  She will never be safe.  And my trainer reminded me, that sort of atrocity committed by a petite woman upon a large six foot man required a lot of motivation and adrenaline–on par with that of a wild animal!

Jodi Arias will always be dangerous to others if she is allowed to live.  Condemn Jodi Arias to death.

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