Why I Thank God for President Barack Hussein Obama

Certainly, The God of the universe, the God of Israel is in charge. He is in control. God chooses our Presidents and the United States has the President we deserve. In fact, nothing could be clearer.

Since we, the American people, have turned our backs on God, why shouldn’t God turn His back on us? The fact is He should!

And this is all in the Bible, but we no longer read the Bible. In my honest opinion one can not consider themselves educated unless they have not merely read the Bible but are familiar with it which requires much more than one reading and we are talking the ENTIRE HOLY BIBLE and not merely the New Testament as Satan’s church’s proscribe!

That’s right! Today’s churches are all controlled by Satan–just like our central government is!

God gave the enemy, Satan, the license to “sift” us and determine whether or not we would follow the Lord, the God of Israel. And modern America, contemporary USA has decided NOT to follow the Lord.

Therefore, I am grateful for this wake up call of having an illegal alien over US for President. That’s right, Obama is not merely NOT A CITIZEN, Barack is NOT in the country legally. I have been declaring this publically since the fall of 2008 BEFORE he was elected. It was my hunch and I believe that thought was given to me by The Holy Spirit.

The God of Israel knows exactly what he is doing. God is punishing US for hating Him (Deut 32:41).

Even the enemy reads the Bible! And they have given Barry Sotero a name from the Bible that is synonymous with the Lord’s “glittering sword!” Glittering is from the Hebrew Aramaic “baraq” or “Baraq” or “Barak!”

There are different vowel symbols of enuniciation for the letter “a” which was not part of the old Hebrew alphabet but you get the idea. It is Barack! As in Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the first name Obama’s handlers gave him to strike the fear of blitzkrieg in us citizens and believers. Even the enemy reads God’s Word and knows its power while my people languish in ignorance because they refuse to avail themselves of God’s Holy Word and hence judge themselves as unworthy of salvation!

So, I am grateful that our Lord God has chosen Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his name is to be President of the United States.  It certainly is a wake up call to have a foreigner running our country into the ground while all those fools in Washington DC fall all over themselves to keep the lie that would be President from being exposed because they fear being called racists!

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  1. admin Post author

    PS Read about the curse for disobedience (to the covenant agreed to at Mt. Sinai) in two places in the Bible (Leviticus and Deuteronomy) in order to see whether the “law has been done away with” [NOT!] and to see if you agree the United States is suffering those curses of the Old Testament [We are!].

    Dr. Kent


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