Should I Suffer an Untimely Demise Here’s Why:

Recently, I wrote a demand letter to the Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections for back wages–wages I had earned but was (wrongly) deprived of. Director Charles Ryan denied my request.

As a result I addressed both Governor Jan Brewer, Ryan’s boss, and Mr. Ryan once again. We are talking only about $3,000 but I earned it and I want to be paid.

Should anything happen to me, that will prove how corrupt Arizona is and the hit will come from the ADC–an organization that is one step worse than the mob.

I post this because the matters at hand are actually very serious and I don’t want to lose my life over those. There is much to the story and it would be another national embarrassment for Arizona.

I am trying to save the State of Arizona tens of millions of dollars in legal fees from others. And I am trying to make Arizona a safer place to live. However, I want my back wages and the benefits which I have been deprived. I want Arizona to acknowledge the damages the State has caused me and make a fair and equitable settlement.

Nevertheless, dangerous conditions persist within the ADC that place every man, woman and child in Arizona at great risk. Such significant risks are unnecessary and I can fix or at least help Arizona fix its problems.

Please support me in my quest to prevail and to obtain these modest sums in order to be able to take care of myself. Thank you!

Dr. Kent

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