Never Forget THE BIG LIE




When the fact is 271 THOUSAND JEWS died in the Concentration Camps towards the end of World War II according to American Red Cross records.

That is still a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE but theirs is a SOCIOPATHIC culture of Con Artists and liars and deceivers!  Before the start of WWII there were just under 2 MILLION JEWS WORLD WIDE and after WWII there were just over 2 MILLION JEWS alive WORLD WIDE.

Recently, that 6 MILLION figure has become 6 and 1/2 MILLION across the USA at college campus presentations, but it is all a BIG LIE!

That 6 MILLION figure came from the number of jobs Adolf Hitler restored in his great economic recovery for Germany and the Zionist Jews wanted to counter Hilter’s success.

Moreover, at the close of World War I they tried to make the same (false) claim that 6 MILLION JEWS had died and they started the League of Nations, but neither the lie nor their world controller would stick.  After WWII the Zionist Jews made the same false allegation of 6 MILLION JEWS and their United Nations is a plague upon the earth today!

Don’t be fooled, theirs is a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE and they are referred to as “Edomites” in the Old Testament.  Read the Bible, especially the Book of Obadiah.

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