My Commitment to Police Officers

Whenever I hear the news or an officer say he shot a man because he had a gun, I shudder. Why? Because I have a gun, many citizens in the US have guns. So, the idea that you merely shot a man because he had a gun or you thought he had a gun is terrible!

If on the other hand, you shot a man because he was threatening your life or about to take your life or that of another, then I hear a justification for lethal force. However, that is not quite what my letter is about.

My friends and I have talked about whether or nor we would draw our weapons to defend another and for the most part we are in agreement. We would not draw our weapons to protect strangers because of the troubles we could face as a consequence. Nevertheless, I have resolved to draw my weapon to protect one class of strangers.

Should I see a police officer down or under serious duress or a fireman being attacked by anyone with a gun or a knife or any weapon that could pose lethality, I WILL DRAW MY WEAPON IN DEFENSE OF A POLICE OFFICER or fireman.

Should I see a man with a gun who is actively shooting people without cause and there are bodies down (people are injured) and he continues to shoot, I will draw my weapon and attempt to stop him.

Other than for my own self defense and that of people I know, those are two scenarios in which I can imagine drawing my weapon to defend others including fire fighters and especially policemen.

So, don’t think you are alone and be glad citizens like me and my friends carry arms. We’ve got your back!

Stay safe.

Go home when your shift is done.

Thank you for your service.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Kent

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