Requesting Info: Anyone who has had Dr. David McPhee Testify in Court and/or Evaluate Them or Their Spouse

I am seeking to locate anyone who had had Psychologist McPhee testify in court in a manner in which they were involved in any capacity, be it expert witness and/or for any type of psychological evaluation and/or Independent Medical Exam (IME).

Psychologist David McPhee practiced professionally in Minnesota as well as in Arizona. Dr. David McPhee conducted Independent Medical Exams in Psychology for the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, child custody evaluations and forensic assessments privately among many other professional activities.

Please email me or call me directly.

2 thoughts on “Requesting Info: Anyone who has had Dr. David McPhee Testify in Court and/or Evaluate Them or Their Spouse

  1. Sarah Moran

    Hello Dr Kent,
    I haven’t had direct contact with David McPhee but the interactions I’ve had with him online are distinctly worrying. He has a personality cult and/or echo chamber on Quora that is very alarming. Can I ask why you were making such enquiries?

    1. admin Post author

      Honestly, it’s been so long that I barely remember. There were a lot of problems with child custody evaluations back then and that crazy board of seriously mentally ill psychologists. Others in the public turned to me for help because they felt McPhee did poor work. I might recall more as the day goes on but some things are best forgotten.

      LATER I remembered McPhee more. He and his boyfriend fled the country when his credentials were challenged by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners (I am told) and they now reside in Thailand. They are a homosexual couple. McPhee was extremely liberal and not in a good way. I sought his help and he abandoned me once he realized that the matter involved the Arizona Department of Corrections and fraud & malfeasance and medical malpractice & the murders of several ADOC inmates!

      The purpose of the licensure boards is NOT “the safety of the public” as much as it is about the protection of politicians and the preservation of power. At this late date one can see that all government in the USA is controlled by the communists and the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners is full of communists! My board even tried to exile me from Arizona but the attorney from the AG’s office and the president of the board at that time reminded the members of the board that this (Arizona) was not a communist nation!


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