Getting a Free Consultation with Dr. Kent

This is very simple. Email me and send me your cell number and the best times for me to call. I am not always in cell phone range. And my memory is not that good so feel free to remind me.

What I expect: Take my advice and go with it. Tell me the truth or I can not help you. Well, not as much. If you are able to give back to me AND you find my generic expertise helpful, then feel free to give back to me. If you do not have the means to give me anything, then accept my service freely as a gift.

What you can expect: I do not keep records. Do not ask me rates or fees. I do not make change. I am not charging you a thing. You will get my best advice and insight.

If you want to meet face-to-face, that also is possible. I winter in the Greater Phoenix Area and in the summer I travel to get out of the heat.

I do not limit the time we talk and spend together. You get the benefit of my six decades of research and my expertise. I am not as quick as I once was, so you can expect me to contact you as I process your case and expect me to call back with my follow up recommendations. I may be slow but I do get there!

And I do appreciate your gifts, donations and your support and your prayers. I want to get back on the air. The nation needs me. I want to publish books. You will want to read my insights and the wisdom I have garnered.

God has placed me here for His purposes. I really am Giving Psychology Away!

At your service,

In *His service,

Dr. Kent

*His name is Yahshua.