The Original 13th Amendment Strategic Intervention

My Original 13th Amendment Strategic Intervention is not mine alone. I credit the late author, researcher and patriot Eustace Mullins for his idea. Nevertheless, I have adopted it because it is the most direct way to restore our Republic.

Also, I have integrated much of the wisdom of Dr. Donald Livingston at the Abbeville Institute into my strategic intervention returning to “self rule.” A Revolution much like the first American Revolution.

Here is the catch. Creator Father God Yahweh will not bless a bloody revolution. In YHVH’s book that would be utter rebellion. So, we must proceed civilly in order to get YHVH’s blessing.

What I call upon all Americans to adhere to that wisest statement of President Barack Hussein Obama also known as CIA Agent Barry Sotero. What “Barack” (which is a peculiar name from the Bible) said is that the people of Middle America

“cling to their guns and their Bibles.”

In that statement Mr. Barry Sotero gave us a gift. He told us exactly how to get out of this mess and the impending genocide he & his masters have planned for us.

We already have our guns. And this year there have been so far millions of more guns sold based upon NICS checks than the same time period last year when we set a record in new gun owners.

What we lack are our Bibles.

We need to read out Bibles daily and understand what the scriptures actually say–like good Bereans. By accessing the Mind of YHVH God we bring YHVH once again on our side and we need Him, most desperately! Then YHVH Father God will once again be on our side and lead us and His leading is the most important part. YHVH will win our battles and this war against evil for once and for all.

Stay tuned folks. It’s going to get rough as this economy shuts down but we have to go through it to fulfill the scriptures. Read the Word of God Yahweh. Even Christ (who’s really name is Yahshua the Messiah) was referred to as “the Word of God.”

You see, folks, they took us over through the Bible translators starting with Ptolemy II in Alexandria. in about 275 BC. They controlled all of the Bible translators. Well, almost all. And they infiltrated our seminaries. Respectively, these occurred in about World War I and our Civil War as near as I can tell.

So, don’t bother with the churches. Even Isaiah wrote about our “lying pastors” and they did not even have pastors in his time but priests.

One is better off staying at home and reading their Bibles then getting together with other Bible readers and talking about your discoveries than attending one of the man made religions and these modern “churches.”

Stay tuned for my forthcoming radio shows “Giving Psychology Away” which covers the American Family and Biblical knowledge, and “Awakening Israel” which uncovers Biblical truths and clearly identifies who the enemies of all mankind and the Earth are.

The Earth groans for her saviors!

–John Taylor