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  1. Marion Kolitwenzew

    Gee, I’m just looking for a way to speak to you personally. You’re fed up with the psychiatric state, an end times prophet, you show an understanding of the conspiracy substrata. I need some one to talk to about all of the above. (The church is under horrible attack!) Nobody around me right now sees that substrata, organizationally much less spiritually. I have made the mistake of trying to talk about this kind of stuff and now I’m a conspiracy nut to those I have broached the subject with. I’m afraid of posting the connections I see because the Internet sucks sometimes when you put yourself out there and the response is silence.

    I will put this out: Are you aware that the World Counsel of Churches was founded by a Jesuit?

    I’m an Orthodox Christian, the Pope left our communion of bishops in the tenth century. The leaders have been out to destroy the Orthodox first by the sword, now by cooptation through drawing almost all our regional dioceses into the WCC!

    I was going to apply to a grad school in counseling just to get my license, but you’ve made me think twice. I think it would be a revolting was to spend my time.

    1. People with Facts

      You were not defrauded by Alex.. she did like and have respect for u in the beginning until u started stalker the apts u thought she said in, and went complex to complex the door to door trying to find her apt door. YOU have stalked her and harrased her. She has an amazing heart and cares for strangers and even was still going to reach out to talk but u had to lie, saying you were defrauded! YOu gave her money,you asked for it whenu stopped speaking. she didnt and u never mentioned you wanted it back until she would sleep w you and marry you and take ur last name like u wanted.. SHE was told by many people that know you… SUCH AS: the co workers annd previous associates. She still was communicating w u from time to time even when her family said they wouldnt speak to her if she was caught speaking to you again! and ITS ILLEGAL to portray yourself as a doctor or psychologist….Also u withstrainging orders in many states. Its public record that your were disbarred and had FIRED from Arizona Dept of Corr. for sexual harrassment maleficence and 2 other reasons. Not trying to be a bitch i dont know you. but you were posting fliers, which one in the front of our hood and along with everyoneelse. Stay clear, i was the one to give police my camera footage from the night you were passing fliers out , got u and your dog on camera. Just leave her be and she will reach out, she working on herself and her emotional etc problems. Im done, Neighborhood cop Larry L. said at neighhood meeting for u to stay away from your area. god bless u!

  2. Russ Wakefield

    Really great to find your blog and your knowledge about the state of affairs in the world today. All caused by the usual suspects.

  3. Gunnar

    don’t post, didn’t know where to send. . today pacific time 5:04-5:05 p.m. communist bull sh_t news-cbs affilliate. take the vaxx, listen to dr.s, not friends or people on internet, MSM selling people out and also in the a.m. same station John legend long interview on how he demanded his whole entire family get vaxx. wept for his stupidity and being mouth piece for satan. also feel like we’ve all been played. like the truman show and or joe the volcano. my 2 cents. When you look at the movie “defiance” and the suffering they had to go through waiting for humanity to step up to the plate as today against the evil doers. amazing. Proverbs 9:10; Matthew 7:13-14 come to mind.

  4. Gunnar

    Catherine Austin Fitts with Sherri Tenpenny “The Beast System, Covid-1984 have you heard this Video:

    1. How do we know like fowchi and any famous name their Vaccine wasn’t just saline or water etc.,?
    2. Also, with this “fakebook/nazibook” in blocking President DJT that just shows does Big Tech and Social Media control the World as part of the “satanist and pedophiles rule the world”?
    3. If, people are stilling wearing a mask and bowing to closure why would they want their Freedom
    taken away; the above video says it well?

  5. Gunnar

    FINALLY: 1000 lawyers & 10,000 Docs have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code for Crimes Against Humanity Against WHO, CDC, & DAVOS GROUP| Soren Dreier
    30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused Anthony Fauci Of Genocide – Watch
    (yes, i would call him a serial killer especially of Children along with “gates of hell” and lot’s of Reports, Books, Reports, Video’s Interviews on)! https://givingpsychologyaway.com/?p=2870

    Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,-Children’s Defense Fund; Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Vernon Coleman, healthimpactnews.com, themarshallreport.com; apologies to those not listed for speaking and standing for TRUTH and JUSTICE!

  6. Gunnar

    Dr. Kent: have you seen this: less than 5 minutes. https://youtu.be/x8WYqQDr8Lk

    (titles of articles in this website sobering).
    and yes, they’re coming for the children for those who have been saying that for a very long time as we are all God’s children no matter what age. Satanism is about “kill, steal and destroy and always at war with you”!

  7. ValleyAnt

    Hi. Is there an email to contact Dr. Kent? He seems very aware of the hoodwinking and buffaloing going on in the world today. Is there an email that I contact him through?

    I’m a believer and it’s an understatement for me to say that I have no idea where Jesus is in the U.S. I know for certain that He isn’t in the churches (maybe standing outside, but certainly not inside) because they don’t want Him. I’ve been trying to find Him among some sincere believers for years and it seems like we’re all just a race of aliens now and that there’s no ‘God DNA’ (ie. the presence and character of Jesus Christ) in anyone right now. I’m still trying to find believers who follow Jesus and do what He tells them. Anyone have any wisdom on this?

  8. Gunnar

    “I’m still trying to find believers who follow Jesus and do what He tells them. Anyone have any wisdom on this?”. Matthew 7:13-14. You’re right, the false church institute hasn’t wanted Jesus for years and now here we are and “the church was set up to deceive”. Am i wrong, I’ve been saying for years; the World is coming under judgment because of the church and when it’s actually people are the church and NOT the building or the pastor we replaced God and reading our Bibles with. You will find the remnant who know speaking the truth on Blogs and know what’s going on vs. the religious. “To see a sick church in a dying world” Leonard Ravenhill writes along with Arthur Katz (who wrote under Art, Aaron, Arthur Aaron) part of the Holiness group. One awesome website like this that the person fast and prays before post so it might be months but it’s meat in due season compared to all the pablum and compromising out there. Pray for those divine appointments of people. Look for the Matthew 12:50 and Mark 3:35 group, those truly living Christian and James 1:27 and Matthew 25:31-end! The Great Commission, Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes and The 10 Commandments.

  9. Bruce Huey

    Hello Dr. Kent,
    I am imprisoned in the state of Georgia and have been since 2009 with life plus fifteen. I learned of our true identity from another prisoner back in 2010 and became a subscriber to Pastor Dave Barley’s America’s Promise Ministries in 2014. I happened upon Mr. Weisman’s “Authority of Law” and entered this legal “ground” in the direct appeal of the denial of my Motion for New Trial and had to dismiss my court-appointed attorney in order to do so. The Georgia court of appeals gave an extremely vague statement of “…section 1-1-___ of the official code of Georgia annotated enacts all the state statutes…,” completely ignoring my factual thesis on how that blanket statement in said code section is erroneous. I chose to drop this ground in my federal habeas due to the discouraging affect that they rule however they want, anyway, has had on me. Anyway, I eventually was sent Mr. Weisman’s book “who is esau-edom,” by Pastor Barley and became aware that, not only had Mr. Weisman wrote many other incredibly intelligent, informative and Spirit-led books, but that he was an Identity teacher, himself, as well. After learning of his passing through APM’s newsletter, I contacted Pastor Barley about the situation with Weisman’s publications and copyright. I believe, if I recall correctly, you either wrote a short article detailing said situation, or I wrote you, myself and you responded. However, this leads me to why I am contacting you, again, concerning the continuing publication and copyrights of his books. I’ve noticed, of course, that several sites, to include amazon, are selling his books. The only one I’ve managed to download free has been “esau-edom.” Could you explain this for me. Did one of his surviving family members finally decide to pick up the copyright and sell it, continue the publication of his works, or did someone else do so, or whatever? I recall you saying back in 2016 that none of his family gave a crap about his works and they all even thought he was a Looney toons. I thank you in advance for your offer of communication, time and assistance in this matter. God bless you and your work in His vineyard, tremendously.
    Sincerely, your Israelite brother in Christ,
    Bruce Huey

    1. admin Post author

      I will try to remember to ask my friend who knew Weisman about this. As far as I know, Weisman’s copyrights entered the public domain when he passed away and his family (heirs) abandoned those copyrights. I don’t know of any claims made upon those.

      That means that anyone can print and even sell his books. You can even do it. I think a fellow might make a little money doing a print-upon-demand with those books.

      I have only read one of his books.

      At this time I am struggling to get my life in order so that I might be able to write. I have a ton of assets to convert in order to get a bigger, better organized abode in which to have a study. I am also going to begin broadcasting two channels. One on the family and psychology and the other will be a Bible study from the PNV of the KJV.

      Take care of yourself in there. We are about to get so hard that few will survive then maybe we will see the fulfillment of Obadiah

  10. Gunnar

    new items: https://leohohmann.com/2021/07/28/whos-calling-the-shots-push-is-on-to-mask-up-and-shoot-up-the-school-children-what-parents-need-to-know/ (vaccine the children without parents permission and or knowledge)



    https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/shielding-approach-humanitarian.html (mentions camps)

    https://rumble.com/vkgdq7-deadly-shots-former-pfizer-employee-confirms-poison-in-covid-vaccine.html(is this true).

  11. Gunnar

    FYI: “Electric Toilet”-T.V. running a Commercial about what happens if you have a blackout as a child’s at a Computer and everything going dark and News is talking about majority of people only have 3 days of Food…conditioning. People saying same.

  12. Bobbie

    Bruce Huey and Dr. John Kent:
    Do either of you know about:
    1. https://innocenceproject.org/about/
    2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Innocence_Project
    3. https://law.uc.edu/real-world-learning/centers/ohio-innocence-project-at-cincinnati-law.html (maybe one for the State your dealing with).
    4. https://www.drphil.com/videos/podcast-mission-help-to-prevent-even-one-wrongful-conviction-from-happening-in-the-future/ (Google: Dr. Phil on Innocent Program)
    5. https://www.drphil.com/shows/murder-in-the-suburbs/ (tremendous show and all those involved trying to free innocent people and how hard it is).
    6. https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/9/5/22656272/effort-underway-free-christopher-vaughn-conviction-murdering-wife-kids
    7. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/john-grisham-on-latest-thriller-the-judges-list/ (Mr. Grisham says he’s involved in the Innocence Project and note what he says, wow). Years ago saw a movie “Guilt by Association” and it was horrific and i hope all this helps your case and maybe you can pull all Mr. Weisman’s body of work and publish as “they also said Jesus was deranged” in regards to the reference of. Holiness, Truth and Justice (justus), Wisdom, seems to get pummeled. Covered well in “Anatomy of Deception” by Art Katz and Biblical Hosea 4:1-6 (read entire Book). Look at our World/Nation vs. Bible and Wisdom! Hope this helps your case.

    Really appreciated this finally truth video: on: “why not listen to Bethel, Hillsong and Elevation Music” by Pastor in Kingsland T- 55 minutes and 53 seconds; showed their is still Godly and Holiness MEN out there researching Bible and speaking truth, so rare as praying for Jehu’s. Bruce, can you get Books mailed to you and to share with everyone? Prayers!

  13. Gunnar

    have you seen this?

    RFK, Jr. in Milan: Under Global Capitalism, There Are Only Two Classes — the Elite and Everyone Else
    In a recent speech in Milan, Italy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said billionaires are billionaires — it does not matter whether they made their money from state monopolies in China or illegal monopolies in the U.S.
    Toby Rogers, Ph.D.
    Gain-of-function research is just a euphemism for bioweapons research.

    Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the Day. It’s free.

    There is still a piece of this whole debacle that does not make sense to me. Gain-of-function research is just a euphemism for bioweapons research.

    Gain-of-function research has never produced a useful consumer pharmaceutical product but it has produced a lot of bioweapons.

    Bioweapons research has been going on since the first World War — every major industrialized nation has a bioweapons program (check out “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons.”)

    During the Cold War the U.S. bioweapons program was designed to defeat the Soviets and counteract any attack on Americans. But under Fauci, the U.S. and China are collaborating on bioweapons research.

    At first this makes no sense. Isn’t China our biggest military adversary? If so, why are we developing bioweapons together with them? And if China is our ally in developing bioweapons then who exactly is the enemy they are targeting?

    I think a strong case can be made that nation-states no longer exist (or nation-states only exist as an official narrative to keep the peasants in line in each country). Under global monopoly capitalism there are just two classes — the elites and everyone else (us).

    Elites around the world have more in common with each other than they do with the average citizens in their country of birth (billionaires are billionaires — it does not matter whether they made their money from state monopolies in China or illegal monopolies in the U.S.).

    And the bioweapons apparently are targeting us. The only threat to the billionaires is if billions of people rise up and seize their assets. But the peasants cannot rebel if they are chronically ill and dependent on the cartel for survival.

    It all clicked when reading the transcript of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s recent speech in Milan, Italy. He shines a light on the role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in pandemic planning over the last 20 years.

    He explains that the CIA does not do public health, they overthrow governments, and the government they are overthrowing right now is “We the People.”

    Watch his speech here:

    I adore RFK, Jr. and this speech is absolute genius. He has been consistently correct about the pandemic for two years and correct about autism for 20 years.

    I believe he would make a great president based on this record of insight and achievement. But I confess, I don’t love this dismount.

    Yes, we are all prepared to die with our boots on. However I want to live and I want to win and enjoy the fruits of our labors. So let’s find a way to make that happen.

    Read RFK, Jr.’s transcript from Milan speech here:

    No government in the history of mankind has ever relinquished power voluntarily. The power that they have taken away from us over the past 20 months they will never give back.

    They have taken away our freedom of speech, they have closed the churches, they have taken away jury trials against companies — no matter how negligent, no matter how reckless they are, no matter how grievous your injury, you cannot sue that company.

    They have taken away our property rights in the United States. They closed a million businesses for a year with no just compensation and no due process.

    They have taken away our right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures and surveillance by the government.

    In the United States all of those rights are enumerated in our Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. And among the most important of those rights, after the right to free expression, which is gone, is the right to be able to participate in rule-making.

    So, when the government wants to pass a law, it has to publish the law, propose the law, it has to explain the scientific basis for that law, it has to do a cost-benefit analysis of that law and explain it to the public.

    And then we have comments, that all the public can participate in, and then we have a hearing where people oppose the law, like myself, and bring in our own scientists and experts and scientific studies and it’s all transparent.

    All of those safeguards have been obliterated. Today, the law is what one man says it is, the top doctor in the United States, Anthony Fauci.

    In one month, in March of 2020, Tony Fauci told the world masks don’t work, they’re scientifically worthless, two months later he ordered every American to put on a mask.

    He didn’t give us any scientific studies that made him change his mind, he simply told us, that’s the new law, do what you’re told.

    All of these rights that the founders of our country died for, sacrificed their properties, their livelihoods, to give us the Bill of Rights, and all of these rights over 20 months have been obliterated, taken from the American people — but not just the American people. This is a global coup d’état against liberal democracies across the planet.

    And all of these rights that were taken away from us, these governments said it was only temporary. They said it would only be two weeks.

    In truth, you can all see what is happening: They will never give them back unless we make them.

    And the Green Pass is their coup d’état. The Green Pass is how they consolidate their power over your lives.

    The Green Pass is not a public health measure. It is a tool for totalitarian control of your transportation, your bank account, your movement, every aspect of your life.

    And this is not a new idea. This is the same idea they used in Germany in 1937. They issued a pass for people they wanted to control. And when the South African apartheid government wanted to control the black population of South Africa, what was the most important thing they did? They issued a green pass.

    I want you to ask all of the people and journalists and press who are here today. If the Green Pass is about public health, why is it not issued by the health ministry? It’s being issued by the financial ministry. Do they think that we are stupid?

    Because this is a way to control your money — once you have that Green Pass and they have the digital currency, if somebody tells you, “Do not leave Milan,” and you go on a trip to Bologna, your money won’t work in Bologna.

    If the government tells you not to buy pizza, they can make it so that your money won’t buy pizza at a pizza store. They can control every aspect of your life.

    They tell you that we need a Green Pass to make sure everybody gets vaccinated. But they admit it: the vaccine does not prevent transmission, the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the disease, the vaccine doesn’t stop the pandemic.

    So why do we need to get vaccinated if the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission?

    I’m gonna tell you for two minutes — I’m going to talk about the vaccines. People say I’m against vaccines. I’m not against vaccines. I’m only against bad vaccines.

    I’m not going to tell you what Robert Kennedy thinks. I’m going to tell you what Pfizer told the United States FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration].

    Pfizer is the company that has an approved vaccine in the United States. And Pfizer was supposed to have a three-year-study, but they cut it to 6 months. And then they gave vaccinations to all of the controls.

    Why did they do that? Why did they end the study in 6 months? Because they learned that the antibodies disappear in 6 months and the vaccine no longer provides protection. So they had to end it in 6 months.

    They could not do what they planned (3 years). They took all of their records for that 6 months and they gave them to [the] FDA. The most important table is the table that tells you “All Cause Mortality.”

    How many people died in the vaccine group, how many died in the placebo group during that 6-month period. That table is called “S4.” You can all look it up.

    Here’s what the numbers say. There were 22,000 in the vaccine group. Over 6 months, one died from COVID. In the placebo group — the control group — there were 22,000 people, two died from COVID in six months.

    That allowed Pfizer to tell the American public that the vaccine is 100% effective because two is 100% of one.

    Most Americans and most Italians when they hear that the vaccine is “100% effective,” what they think is that if they take the vaccine, I have 100% of not dying from COVID. That’s not what it means.

    What it means is they have [to] give 22,000 vaccines to protect one person from dying of COVID. That means they better make sure that the vaccine itself does not kill one person even, because if it kills one person then you cancel out the entire benefit.

    Here’s the important thing. In the vaccine group, 20 people died over six months from all causes — 20 people of the 22,000. In the control group, only 14 people died [out] of 22,000. That means that if you take the vaccine, you are 48% more likely to die over the next six months than if you don’t.

    These are Pfizer’s numbers, not mine. Here’s how the people died.

    In the control group, one person died of a heart attack over the six months. In the vaccine group, 5 people died of heart attacks over the 6 months. That means if you get the vaccine you have a 500% risk of a fatal heart attack within 6 months.

    It also means that for every one person who is saved from dying of COVID, the vaccine is killing four people from heart attacks.

    This is not a good public health policy. Public health is supposed to save lives. But this is about control and controlling our society and controlling our children.

    And the only reason that people don’t understand what I just said and that people still support the vaccine is one reason: the manipulation of fear.

    This is simple mathematics. Anybody can look it up. If you look it up you will be more scared of that vaccine than you are of COVID.

    But the government and the pharmaceutical companies have a method for turning off people’s brains so that they can no longer do simple mathematics. That device is fear.

    Fear stops us from exercising critical thinking. It allows us to believe that if we just do what we’re told then that that is the only way to save our lives.

    It’s called the “Stockholm Syndrome.” And the captors, they lock down a whole country for a year, and people become grateful to their captors and think the only way we can leave here alive is if we have absolute obedience.

    I’m going to make one more point and that’s this: How many people here have heard of Event 201?

    If you haven’t heard of it, you should go look at it on Youtube. Event 201 was a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that occurred in New York City in October 2019.

    We now know that COVID was circulating in Wuhan on September 12, 2019, so a month later, there is a simulated coronavirus pandemic in New York.

    The people who came to that were the big social media companies, the media companies, Johnson & Johnson, the biggest vaccine company, and it was hosted by three people: 1) Bill Gates, 2) George Fu Gao who’s the head of the Chinese CDC, and 3) Avril Haines, the deputy director of the CIA.

    Avril Haines is today the top number one spy in the United States. She is the head of Joe Biden’s National Security Agency, so she went from Event 201 to becoming the top spy in our country.

    Who knew that the CIA is a public health agency? It came as a surprise to me. Because the CIA does not do public health. The CIA does coup d’états.

    Between 1947 and the year 2000, the CIA was engaged in 73 coup d’états — most of them against democracies — one-third of the countries in the world.

    If you look at Event 201, there was no discussion of public health. Nobody was talking about how do we get Vitamin D to all the people? How do we get people to lose weight? How do we make sure they eat good food?

    How do we repurpose medicines to treat people? How do we quarantine the sick? How do we preserve Constitutional rights? Not a word was said about public health.

    Instead, what they were talking about is how do we use the pandemic as a pretext to clamp down totalitarian controls and to deconstruct democracy.

    They spent one-quarter of the day talking about how to make sure nobody’s allowed to spread the rumor that the coronavirus pandemic is laboratory-generated.

    This is October 2019! And they talk about how to lock down the population, how to force them to take experimental vaccines, how to make sure that Black people don’t start resisting.

    Because in our country, Blacks are very suspicious of the medical establishment, and they were deeply concerned about that resistance.

    When I researched my book, what I learned was that this event, Event 201, was not a one-time occurrence. We found 20 separate pandemic simulations beginning in 2000.

    One thing they had in common — most of them Bill Gates was involved in, Tony Fauci was involved in — but every one of them the CIA was involved in. The CIA wrote the script — high-level CIA officials participated in every one of those pandemic simulations.

    And they involved hundreds of thousands of people. They were conducted secretly. They used frontline workers, they were training police, and hospital systems and utilities in Europe, in Italy, in Germany, in Canada, in Australia, all at the same time, to do a response to a pandemic, but it was not a public health response.

    It was a response to use the pandemic for something else.

    So they practiced again and again and again: How to use the pandemic as a pretext for imposing totalitarian controls and for obliterating liberal democracy across the planet.

    One of the experiments that they used, they found, is called the Milgram experiment — it was a CIA experiment in 1967 — and what the CIA found is that if a powerful medical official orders people to do something wrong, something that violates their conscience, that violates their basic values, 67% of people will obey authority over their values.

    And 67% of the people will be hypnotized by fear into obeying a position of authority, a figure of authority. But 33% of the people will not obey. And you are the 33%.

    And our job is to go out from here today and reach out to our brothers and sisters — the people who are still hypnotized — and tell them that we are going to fight for their freedom until they are able to fight for it themselves.

    We need to reach out when we leave here today to all of our brothers and sisters, the 67% who are still hypnotized, and we have to tell them that you need to love your freedom more than you are scared of a germ.

    This year we saw the destruction of the American Constitution. That Constitution was written by a group of people who understood that there are worse things than dying.

    And they put their lives on the front line, their property, their careers, their livelihoods, to fight for freedom and to fight for those rights that we have lost in the previous 20 months.

    And now it’s our job now, it is the job of everybody in this crowd, to go out and fight back, to resist, resist, resist, resist and to reclaim our government, to reclaim our lives, to reclaim our liberty, for our children, for our country and for all future generations.

    And I can tell you this. I will stand side by side with you, and if I have to die for this, I’m going to die with my boots on.

    This article was originally published on Substack.
    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily
    reflect the views of Children’s Health Defense. friend sent me this memo and she has a masters in nursing and really smart believe in mid 70’s. so fwd to you (not sure who wrote the article, have you seen, you decide whether to post and where or delete). JUST PRAYING, and REPENTING.

  14. Gunnar

    Dr. Alan Bean “Friends for Justice” another contacted for the wrongly incarcerated. Found him by accident: “The megachurch bubble is about to burst: What will that mean for American culture?”
    Opinion Alan Bean | September 11, 2017

    Also, 2/13/2022 Morning Magazine ADVERTISING: “How lawyers’ ads became a billion-dollar industry”. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/this-week-on-sunday-morning-february-13-2022/ please watch ad and pick a Lawyer in regards to Texas or they can refer to constituents.

    Sorry to say it’s “Toilet Bowl Sunday”, all i can think of is as they’re advertising 100 million people will watch “The Toilet Bowel” and being entertained like the “frog in the kettle”. Hopefully destruction doesn’t come, PRAYING and grieving for condition of America/World as this fits Leonard Ravenhill’s 1-27-1991 “End Time message to a T”. Let readers know how Lawyers choices go. Thank you!

  15. Gunnar

    Excellent write. Reading your “Recent Posts”, February and March also. You missed your calling as a History Teacher, who would have taught the truth and apologized if wrong and corrected yourself; that’s stellar in my Book.

    The satanic playbook NEVER changes of trying to get us into war; don’t buy into into extremely stupid satanic idiots who will do so. God Bless the Truckers for NOT showing up to Washington D.C., they were smarter than our treasonist Main Stream Media (MSM) selling out the people and Nation; World. So many people, saying DON’T listen to the MSM turn it off; even European News knows our sold out Media compromised and NOT telling the truth. Due to all brainwashing; dumbing down!

    Guess our satanic, insane, evil, wicked Media wants Tanks, Bombs, Missile’s, ChiComm on our Streets and Nukes to fly. Worse, MSM so stupid for selling everyone out; including themselves and loved ones. All the above is NO respecter of persons as satan NEVER plays fair. Obviously, MSM haven’t read Bible or “The Divine Revelation of Hell”; lot’s of History examples. The Death and Destruction that MSM wants everyone to deal with, including their OWN families as “sin makes you extremely stupid”! MSM can repent, when and if it all arrives; by then it will be way too late as “liar, liar, pants on fire”! How do these stupid people think, it won’t come to America’s Streets? Amazing how people didn’t value their lives, children’s and or Freedom.

    Waiting on the greatest Precipice of the Judgements of God OR a total Holy Visitation! Was led to “Destruction of America”; have you read that first Chapter, “Set the Trumpet to thy Mouth”? That’s what expecting very sorry to say IF, we do not wake up, push back “get proactive”; Pray, Fast and Repent especially violating Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, Beatitudes, Deuteronomy 27/28, Bible as a whole.


  16. Gunnar

    Below, answer to Mask endeavor and also; someone contacted me that 425 Pastors in Michigan since the start of Covid are deceased. Don’t know if they took the jab/injection or how they died but that is Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Uncles, Nephews; not good for the Widows and children=”Beginning of Sorrows”.

    Broadcast of the Host and person being interviewed, brought up the lack of the Bible,; WAY TOO LATE for that one (Amos 8:11). IF, everyone would reflect ALL their years in false church institute as WORD-Bible watered down if taught at all. Or, used like Tarot, Divination Cards to bring money into the evil doer’s Kingdom of Bank Accounts and Real Estate which the charlatans all lived off of as God did not get a penny or a dime but the prostituting and the whoring of his name and who he is as Much of false church institute violates Daniel 5: and then they wonder why dead or dying? I DON’T!

    Sad about all this, is Michigan’s Women’s Conference could have educated themselves and their churches May 2019 and this is where the interceptors so many satanic interceptors infiltrated; have a lot of blood on their hands, bloody hands like Arizona and Wisconsin and God knows and sees all and hear all and watching it all. God knows when we compromise, sell out and throw him under the Bus! You’re either for God or for satan, no middle ground-never has been; never will be! For prophetic intercessors to tell me, “nothing wrong with the church or name of their church” is a extremely sad commentary on condition of our World, Nation, People, Humanity at large like grievous unto death! Very gifted friend said “they can’t possibly be saved”! Content to live without Holiness, has NOT been exemplified and or modeled, let alone Righteousness, Repentance, Prayer and Humility is so key!.
    “God is a Four letter Word”! You ask that of people and they don’t get it or know answer because it has NOT been modeled! Have you read, “End of Man” by John W. Whitehead? It’s all so sobering as someone is running an infomercial “not afraid to burn in hell”, they have NO idea what they’re saying and wonder what the offense that came in (Matthew 18:6 and Proverbs 9:10)! https://www.openbible.info/topics/choose_you_this_day_who_will_you_serve

    Where is the ACLU defending the people’s Constitutional and Bill of Rights, as people are asking?


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