Curing Breast Cancer–Without Cut, Slash & Burn!

In early 2009 during my final shows on KFNX 1100 AM I had two guests who are both medical doctors [MD’s] and doctors of medical homeopathy [MD(H)’s].  Each is a licensed physician and each is licensed by the Arizona Board of Integrative Medicine and Homeopathy.

Each told me and my audience (primarily the Greater Phoenix Area) about a physician who was dually doctored as both an MD and a Ph.D. in Canada who was successfully treating women and “curing breast cancer,” not merely “treating” it, without resorting to the main stream and massively profitable standard medical practices of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.

This was an example of how the medical establishment attacks and destroys good practitioners and superior treatments.  This Canadian doctor decided to publish a book about how he treated breast cancer and within a year his licensure board in Canada took away his medical license and he could no longer practice medicine!

This is the standard defensive practice of those in power who do not want to see their monopoly to treat people and their ability to soak massive profits from an unsuspecting populace disrupted.  They play for keeps.  Their patients or “victims” are often buried and they continue to exploit the public under the guise of protection of the law–all under the (dis)guise of “protecting the public” and “for public safety.”

Licensure has become a way to ensure monopoly and limited access to markets of alternative treatmets that are often superior.  And, rather than having the “best medical system in the world,” America has one of the worst medical systems!

We spend the most money for healthcare yet we have the worst health of the developed nations!–Dr. Jerry Tennant

That is a fact.

Dr. Jerry Tennant from Texas and Dr. Mark Starr from Arizona were my two guests who each told me this story.  These fine gentlemen may be seen for assessment and treatment.  Both have published and made significant contributions to the body of scientific knowledge and the practice of medicine.

Like a fool, I failed to ask either for the name of the gentleman to whom they were referring, but with a little persistence I was able to discover the man and his book.

Here’s are links (1) to Dr. Derry’s book and while I have not taken the time and resources to read his book myself, I can no longer wait and withhold this information so vital to women’s health across the nation, and here is a link to the best buy on (2) “nascent iodine” that I can find.

Moreover, I can attest to the facts: (A) The top soil in both America and Canada has been depleted of iodine for a long time and (B) to the benefits of taking “nascent iodine” in metabolic and thyroid health.

Three drops per day in a glass of filtered alkaline water on an empty stomach twice a day is what I take.

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