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Dr. Kent Show December 24, 2017


President Barrack Hussein Obama was right; we are no longer a Christian nation!  America has become a Pagan nation!  And that is sad.

Our god is the God of War and the Statue of Liberty is Isis or Diana or many other lessor gods.

Jesus was NOT born on December 25th!  Christ was NOT conceived on December 25th!

Diesel saves a ferret from death by freezing and a woman on the streets of a bad part of Phoenix.  She has pneumonia and Diesel saved her.  It went down to 46 F that night but she was safe and sound.

Diesel is a great dog.  He is the best!

Free psychological consultation services from Dr. Kent.

Two copies of the PNV KJV Bible for sale at the last minute just in time for gift giving.

5.7x28mm ammunition for sale.  All utilizing the same copper jacketed aluminum core bullet–the ultimate 5.7 bullet.

SS198LF $50 per box or $450 per flat of ten boxes (500 cartridges).  For Law Enforcement and Military Use Only.  Legal for citizens possession, use and sale.

Elite Ammunition S4M original moly coat.  Well suited for use with a suppressor.  $100 per box.  Limited.  When it’s gone that’s it.

Elite Ammunition S4 Ultra RapTOR box of 50 cartridges $300.  Goes through steel pots and pans and does its job.  The fastest hottest 5.7 defense round ever made.

Introducing “Hitler’s Revenge” which was taken out of commission December 20th sadly.  The heaviest car Porsche ever made and the highest optioned Cayenne Turbo for 2005.

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The New “Engagement Ring” is Giving Your Fiancee a Handgun

The new engagement ring is no longer a diamond but a modern hand gun so that your bride to be can protect herself, especially when you’re not around.  That is what a man gives a woman today he intends to marry.

My suggestion?  Give her an FHN Five-seveN 5.7x28mm.  A high capacity modern weapon that has the capacity to take on a small attacking gang of Negroes.

Why do I say “Negroes?”  Because the Obama and Holder Administration has green lighted Blacks to attack Whites with impunity!  Holder has made it very clear he is not going to allow States to enforce their laws against Blacks and he’ll come down on the States like a ton of bricks just like he did in the Trayvon Martin case.

Furthermore, the media refuses to carry stories about Black on White crimes!  Between this administration and the media this amounts to an unspoken war against Whites!

So, arm your loved ones and carry your weapons upon your body.  Because there is no claim to self defense unless you are carrying your pistol on your person.