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False Flag attacks have morphed into “hybrids” with the terror and mass shootings in Paris and San Bernardino. What this means is these people behind the scenes who control the government in the United States and in actuality control all of the governments in every major country around the world today are so evil that they will sacrifice anyone to achieve their goals!

While no one died at Sandy Hook except the truth and perhaps one or two unfortunate people, we now have mass shootings that go uninvestigated and unsolved. These are done to push an agenda or a series of agendas as those evil monsters always pull multiple benefits from each event they stage.

Don’t believe the news!

Don’t believe the government(s)!

Don’t believe law enforcement!

Just like on the John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations and in 9/11, we can all agree a crime was committed and there have been no proper thorough investigations by any law enforcement!

That right there is enough to dismantle this central communist Federal Government and decommission all of the central law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the CIA and every centralized police agency because they do not do their jobs, and we need to return to localized sheriffs being able to investigate these crimes and being able to check each other’s jurisdictions’ work.

God save the Republic!

Nuclear War Inevitable as Criminal Zionist US Government is Crossing the Rubicon!


Our FBI and CIA were complicit with aiding and abetting criminals take over our nation! Watch this 39:22 video and learn. The US is on the verge of nuclear war with Israel against Iran and other nations. The US-Zionist alliance is the fundamental engine driving all of this activity. These people are threatening the lives of everyone on the planet!

“Regardless who did it, we can know that more than a few had advanced warning. The trading and the option market makes that clear.”¬† –Max Keiser

Read about the immanent war in the Major and Minor Prophets in Jeremiah 49:23-33, Zephaniah, Zechariah, and other locations throughout the Bible.


“Crossing the Rubicon” (2004) by Michael C. Ruppert and Catherine Austin Fitts.


“Insider Trading: The Facts Laid Bare” by Lars Schall


“Detecting Informed Trading Activities in Market Options” by Professor Marc Chesney, University of Zurich.


“Terror Trading 9/11” by Michael Leitner

Here we finally hear the truth about 9/11!