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Donald Trump’s Deal to Become President

I don’t know but this is the best explanation of Trump’s ascendancy to become President of these United States of America. Trump had Obama by the short hairs. He Barack dead to rights that Barack Hussein Obama was NOT qualified to be POTUS but Trump backed off. Why?

Perhaps Trump was threatened. Maybe his life or the lives of his wife and children were at risk but there is a better explanation. Most likely the Donald struck a deal. And Trump is known for negotiating deals.

In all likelihood, Trump made a deal that he would become President or at least become the party nominee if he backed off and allowed Obama to remain in office. My best guess is that Donald Trump was made an offer that if he permitted Barack Obama to remain in office unchallenged on his obviously fraudulent birth certificate forgery, then Trump would get his turn, a turn to become POTUS.

Is this fair? Is this American? Does this hold to the ideals and values of America?

Certainly not but it is a deal and it is in keeping with all subsequent Presidents after the JFK Assassination with perhaps the sole exception of Carter. All the others got in office, the highest office in the land by craft and cunning and through their crimes. All of them!