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Alex’s Rawest Ad–The Last Word (Mother)


2016 08 03 Escort Babylon

2018 06 11 Escort Babylon

These were a surprise to me.  I stumbled upon them June 11, 2018 and when I asked Alex who took her picture all she could say was “a girlfriend” otherwise she was speechless.  (See the two PDF files above this lewd photo for the source of this photograph of Alexandria Cecil.  Alex posted this herself.)

Attached are two PDF conversions from Indianapolis Backpage Listcrawler. and I apologize for the rawness of the picture.  It is disgusting and has absolutely no artistic appeal.  I am sorry but I don’t know how to upload it and give a warning before one opens it.

Also attached below are four (4) PDF conversions of reviews of Alex’s services from the site linked at the top of the page.

I thought I had caught Alex’s (very first) first Backpage advertisement of August 6, 2016 and naively thought I was running interference.  Obviously, she was doing this well before even the attached advertisement from August 3, 2016.

I was taken by her and I have nothing more to say.  Oh well, as my mother once said, “She was a professional.  You wouldn’t want to be had by an amateur?  You wouldn’t want to be conned by an amateur now would you?”

My mother is smart!  I shall let her have the last word.  However, mother’s very first words when she saw Alex’s [fully clothed decent] photos in end June 2015 were “You can’t afford her.”

Mother was right.

Alex 317-366-5381 escort reviews in Indianapolis kbaker107

Alex 317-366-5381 escort reviews in Indianapolis Lendecker

Alex 317-366-5381 escort reviews in Indianapolis manticore_10

Alex 317-366-5381 escort reviews in Indianapolis

Leigh Alexandria Cecil information sought

Sent by cell phone

Sent by cell phone

Here are some photos she sent me to lure me into the last wire transfer via CVS.  DON’T SEND HER MONEY!

Alex claims these were taken three weeks ago for a model shoot but I do not see any copyrights. Then she said these were taken for a new job.  Hmmm . . . I wonder what that job is?

10080 10085 10090

Having lent her a significant sum, since she ceased communicating with me which means to me that Alex never intended to repay what she has borrowed from me, I need her exact address so that I may file civilly against her in Small Claims Court in attempt to recover the $500 she borrowed from me.

I overheard enough conversations and heard enough comments from Alex to conclude that Alex is working and scamming several men at the same time! I imagine she has each believing that they are in love with her and she is in love with them. And I imagine she pleas to each to rescue her and help her with her bills such as rent, cell phone, electricity, gas and tires and repairs on her gray BMW, and in my case the impound fees on her car.

By the way her Indiana license plate is:


Her on-line handles are:



Alex gave me an incomplete address that might be inaccurate. She said she lives at 5846 Cross Creek Drive, Indianapolis 46254.

However, she lied and claimed that the apartments did not have letters when they do.  She might reside in Apartment “A.”  I do not know but this is what I need in order to have the court serve her. I need to know which apartment is hers.

Any information about her residence or her work that might help me serve her and help me collect the judgment awarded shall be appreciated greatly!

Thank you!