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Why has Comey NOT been Charged with Obstruction of Justice?

I mean, is Jeff Sessions asleep at the wheel?  It seems our Attorney General should have arrested former FBI Director Comey and hand cuffed him and charged Comey with Obstruction of Justice if there was a failure on Comey’s part to report to the Justice Department as required by law.

The lack of an arrest indicates that there is no justice in America!  NONE!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Must be Disbarred!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch must be disbarred!  Completely stripped of any and all ability to practice law!

Lynch’s recent meeting with impeached former President Bill Clinton was designed to purposely torpedo the FBI and DOJ investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Since Lynch has demonstrated such poor judgment and totally muddied the waters in a way purposely to delay the investigations and charges against Hillary Clinton, she must resign or be terminated and be disbarred.

ABC News Exclusive is Tantamount to an Admission Hillary Clinton’s Presidential run is Over

ABC News interview of Hillary Clinton is tantamount to an admission that her presidential run is over!  And that is good news and it is expected.

After all, the former Secretary is guilty of so much bad judgment and and bad behavior that the failure of the Obama Department of Justice to prosecute her makes it obvious to the pu8blic that the rule of law in America has long passed.

To charge and convict former CIA Director Patreus for far lessor crimes shows the clout the Clinton’s have at circumventing the law.  Remember, it was Hillary Clinton as First Lady who had 219 FBI records on Congressmen on her desk (wrongfully) for the specific purpose of blackmailing Congress to not impeach her husband President Bill Clinton.  Those 219 legislators could have only gone forward with an impeachment if they were willing to risk their entire FBI files and their mischief made public!

No more Clintons and no more Bushes in officer–ever!